One of the first developers to officially announce their PS5 game was TeamKill Media with Quantum Error. Described by the developers as a cosmic horror FPS, Quantum Error looks legitimately interesting, and with its sci-fi horror aesthetic, it has the potential to be something special.

In a recent interview, the developers talked about the influences and some more details on the game’s gameplay. The title will be, as mentioned, a cosmic horror that “draws on the ideas that Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith wrote and telling an equally chilling story. The general story is not in black and white. The main focus will be on Jacob Thomas’ role in the kind of situation we have created. It will be up to the player to find out as much or as little detail about where the narrative goes, but at the same time we are giving people a personal and engaging journey with our character that they can have fun with.

As for the gameplay mechanics, the studio does not want to create primarily a horror game, but the shooter genre will also have its importance: “With Quantum Error we want to focus on the shooter as the main gameplay. There will be no jump scare or anything of the genre. The atmosphere itself must be the embodiment of restlessness. “

In this regard, the developers, to make it clear how the gameplay will be, stated: “The gameplay will be very similar to a game like DOOM 3 or Dead Space (but in first person), it will be a slower-paced FPS overflowing with a variety of mechanics revolving around the main character’s abilities. We plan to create puzzles where you may need to use tools to open certain things or areas, rooms that if not ventilated will explode if the door is opened, times when you need to manage oxygen levels, etc. “

The studio also reiterates that right now the game is designed for PC and PlayStation 5, but in the future it could also arrive on Xbox Series X. However, there are no release plans for now. The game is scheduled for release later this year on both PS4 and PS5.

Source: GamingBolt