Quantum Error: Doom, Bloodborne and Metal Gear among the sources of inspiration for the PS5 sci-fi horror FPS

Last week, the developers of TeamKill Media announced the first sci-fi horror themed FPS for the next-gen PlayStation 5 console, Quantum Error.

Thanks to a recent interview on LovecraftVideogames, the developers Micah is Dakoda Jones they had the opportunity to illustrate some details about this title in development, discussing the plot, the PS5 optimizations and, in particular, the sources of inspiration that led to the birth of the game.

First of all, it has been confirmed that, although it is a PS4 / PS5 cross-gen game, the future Sony console will be able to enjoy ray tracing support, improved physics and, basically, all the improvements that are expected from a hardware. higher. This is because the PS5 version will be the basic developed version and only later will it be adapted for PS4.

Speaking of the plot, here is the synopsis directly from the interview:

“A company called Monad has developed intelligent technology that can be integrated directly into your nervous system. Virtually everyone in the world uses it. People have become like robots that work as if they were on autopilot. It has created a terrible economy. day, the main structure of the Monad is attacked by an unknown enemy. As Jacob Thomas of the Garboa district in San Francisco, you will be sent with a crew and your partner Shane Costa to rescue all survivors. There is something not goes into the staff of the facility. This is really just the tip of the iceberg for the story, but we don’t want to spoil it. There will be many different ideas, from different cultures and eras. The basis of many concepts comes from Gnosticism, and the main elements of history include Hindu and Buddhist practices, but reversed. “.

From these sentences, we can certainly expect something impressive, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise, reading the sources of inspiration used by the development team, which include Bloodborne, Dead Space, but also Metal Gear is Xenogears:

“Bloodborne is my favorite game of all time and there’s so much to discover, that’s the kind of goal we’re aiming for. Space Odyssey, Xenogears and Metal Gear are some of the biggest inspirations for character script and fiction. Playing Xenogears when I was young really showed me how you can blend various ideologies to create your own, and that’s the key. From a gameplay standpoint, we’re definitely looking for something that’s at the level of Dead Space or Doom. We want playing as Jacob Thomas to be as cool as controlling the Doom Guy. “.

What to say? Let’s say that inspiration comes from high-level sources, so we’re already starting on the right foot. We will have to wait and see if all this turns into a game that lives up to expectations. What do you think?

Source: LovecraftVideogames