Quarantine makes Pokémon GO players run out of Poké Balls

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Due to the recommended quarantine after the coronavirus and the need to avoid crowds and leaving the house, Pokémon GO, a title that has a social and movement proposal, has been having difficulties to occupy its fanbase, since the state of siege does not allow players to leave their homes to explore and go out to capture Pokémon.

In addition, the title has a resource limitation when the player does not make any kind of movement, as it is necessary to walk to gyms to face other people and pokéstops to refuel Poké Balls of the inventory. Thus, in addition to the lack of content, players are reporting a shortage of items and features.

“Certainly, we can’t walk to catch Pokémon, so attracting them to us is very useful,” clarifies a Pokémon GO subreddit user, mentioning an action by Niantic, developer of the game, to provide 30 incense sticks for each user for just one Pokémon. “But for those who, like us, don’t live near a pokéstop, we can’t turn to more pokéballs,” says the player.

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However, despite the restrictions imposed by the mechanics of the game, some players defend their social and interactive proposal, stating that if Niantic changes these features, the essence of the game will be lost. “But the truth is that this game is fundamentally based on walking towards goals,” says another member of the subreddit. “To fix this, Niantic should change the game completely, and we are probably not going to like it enough.”

For now, according to a post on Twitter, John Hanke, CEO and founder of Niantic, is “working on more tweaks” to give players alternatives.