Like many other studios, Ubisoft wants to launch its popular multiplayer licenses on mobiles. Apex Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty or Fortnite have managed to do well, and the French publisher believes that Rainbow Six has everything to seduce this market. Thus, we will have the right to Rainbow Six Mobile, a standalone title containing all the codes of R6 Siege.

At the beginning of September, Ubisoft announces that closed beta is now live (we explain how to try to participate), allowing you to have feedback to modify certain things, if necessary. For the moment open only to certain regions, in particular in North and South America, others should soon be eligible.

As a bonus, we had the right to new images, gameplay, to have a better overview of the experience. Rainbow Six: Siege players will not be out of place, since the same game modes will be present. We don’t know which Agents will be in the game, except that Ash, Sledge, Hibana, Bandit, Smoke or even Valkyrie have already been made official, but at the map level, the beta will offer Bank, Border and Club house.

Rainbow Six Mobile’s closed beta has a date, but there’s no good news for players in Europe.

Ubisoft had a big success with Rainbow Six Siege, which is still receiving content to this day. Now it’s the turn of the mobile version, which will enter beta very soon, possibly sooner than expected after being announced during yesterday’s Ubisoft Forward. Rainbow Six Mobile will have a closed beta in 7 territories, including outside Europe.

The Rainbow Six Mobile beta will start tomorrow, September 12, but not in Spain.Rainbow Six Mobile beta is about to begin tomorrow september 12 in the following seven countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines and India. Neither Spain nor any other European country is included in this list of territories. However, if you are from one of these countries, you can register through Google Play.

For now, the version of The iPhone does not have a closed betabut Ubisoft has already announced the following: “We plan to support more device models in the future. The mobile devices used in this test version do not represent the final list of supported devices at launch,” reads the product description on Google Play.

What’s New in the Rainbow Six Mobile Beta

Although it is not available in Spain, it is good to remember the main features that will be available in the beta version, since there may be a chance that European users can try it in the coming weeks. The main feature to note is that it will be a completely free game in which we will live a first-person competitive experience.

It will be possible to play classic modes such as Attack against defense in which the 5 against 5 will have to establish a tactical strategy thanks to the choice of specialized operators. There are only two cards available at the moment, Bank and Border. However, new scenarios will emerge in the future with upcoming updates, as shown on the official Ubisoft website.

Rainbow Six Mobile Again no release datebut its exit is closer and closer. The same goes for The Division Resurgence, which has opened registrations for its closed beta. Likewise, another free-to-play title from the same saga is The Division Heartland, which showcased some gameplay yesterday during the event.

Ubisoft Barcelona is a key player in the development of Rainbow Six Siege

While Ubisoft Forward and all the publisher’s announcements for the future of Assassin’s Creed and the launch of Skull and Bones still resonate strongly, we’ve looked back over the summer to highlight the work being done. by his studio based in Catalonia.

Because Ubisoft Barcelona is a key player in the development of Rainbow Six Siege, and it was precisely during the final of the R6 Spain Nationals held during the last edition of Gamepolis that we were able to discuss quietly with the associate producer Kilian Calo about his current work on R6 Siege and beyond.

The studio has a few key projects right now across the Ubisoft environment. We are currently developing Rainbow Six: Siege, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and an unannounced project. On Rainbow Six Siege we are around 100 people and we have 4 different teams which are key teams in Rainbow Six: Siege: balancing, which balances the game, operators and so on; we have Game Masters, who are the people in charge of game modes, match flow, etc.; onboarding, which helps new people settle into the game, and customization, which produces almost all of the cosmetics in the game. So, yes, we’re very important.

We also had the opportunity to ask him about the telework culture that has prevailed since the start of the pandemic and if the return to face-to-face events such as Gamepolis will change the way he works and his integration into the company organization chart.

I mean, it was a change, it’s something that for sure, that we changed the way of working. But there was already something distant at Ubisoft, because Ubisoft is a company that tries to have different studios around the world, we have like over 40 studios. So we were already a bit used to working with distant studios like Montreal. And in fact, in Rainbow Six: Siege, we are 7 studios working simultaneously: Bucharest, Montreal, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, ​​kyiv – they are already distributed at the moment -, and also Shanghai. So we are already used to different time zones and different locations.