Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earphones offer active noise cancellation and THX audio

The new Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro wireless headset costs € 210, but in return it guarantees great sound.

Razer is offering more and more accessories for gamers, even mobile ones. Introducing the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro wireless headset, which is basically an updated edition of Hammerhead True Wireless, but with active noise cancellation and THX audio, and of course a low response time for gaming.

You can expect quality sound even at high volumes, thanks to THX-certified sound. Noise cancellation is also solved by the design itself, and you can choose from a pile of earplugs to fit the wearer’s ear shape.

The low-response mode tends to favor gamers, reducing response time to 60ms during gameplay – so response time can increase by as much as 50 times, according to the manufacturer, because audio and video will be better in sync.

In addition to its special shape, advanced hybrid active noise cancellation ensures good sound, and control can be achieved with touch-sensitive controls, whether it’s playing music or making a phone call. Gestures can be customized in the Razer app that comes with it, and the earplug of your choice can also be tested.

The headset is IPX4 rated, so in principle, no sweat or a little rain should be a problem. The operating time, on the other hand, is only four hours, and the case can only extend this by four hours. The purchase price of Hammerhead True Wireless Pro is 210 euros.