In addition to being able to react to messages in the same way as on Facebook, WhatsApp users will be able to create groups with up to 512 members.

WhatsApp secure messaging announced the addition of several features in a May 5 post on its blog. Among them, the long-awaited “reactions” emojis, which allow you to react to a message without having to respond with text. They were introduced in 2016 by Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) to complement the classic “like” button.

“Reaction” emojis are already available on several platforms, such as Messenger or Instagram, also owned by Facebook. To benefit from it on WhatsApp, simply update the application to its latest version.

To use reactions, keep your finger pressed on the message to which you want to react. The emojis will then appear alongside the usual functions like “reply” or “report”.

Six emojis are available: a red heart, a thumbs up, a laughing crying face, a surprised face, a crying face, and clasped hands.

Big change on WhatsApp: have you noticed this little novelty

After the Communities, here are the reactions. WhatsApp is enriched with new features in this year 2022. This time, there is nothing revolutionary since Meta is content to bring a technique already available on Messenger. “We are thrilled to announce that reaction emojis are now available on the latest version of the app. Playful and fast, reactions also limit message overload in groups. We will continue to optimize this feature and we will add a much wider range of expressions in the coming months,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

Reaction emojis, 2 GB files, extended groups… the new features coming to WhatsApp

The new version of the application allows adding an emoji without the need to create a new message for it. The limit of files to share is also increasing.

As announced in mid-April, WhatsApp is introducing reaction emojis. To benefit from it, you must access the latest version of the application. A priori, we could say that it just brings a playful and practical side. But this will mainly have the effect of reducing the number of messages posted.

It was indeed necessary to create a new one to react until then. This will therefore lighten the conversations and consequently reduce the number of notifications. WhatsApp also promises to expand the range of expressions gradually in the coming months.

What was also expected was the ability to send larger files. It’s done with a limit that goes from 100 MB to 2 GB. A counter will indicate the duration of the transfer during the download.

Finally, still with a view to developing more tools for communities, WhatsApp is working on increasing the number of members in groups. It should be possible shortly to add up to 512 people.

WhatsApp is full of new features to stay competitive

WhatsApp is catching up with the competition. The instant messaging platform, owned by Facebook, has just announced new features that will finally allow it to play on equal terms with competitors such as Messenger, Telegram, Signal and others. These changes are gradual and happen on the server side, meaning there’s nothing to do but wait for Facebook to roll out the features to all accounts.

Surprisingly absent since the app’s launch, the most important feature of this update is being able to add “reactions” to messages. Deployed for a long time on all other messaging applications, this tool allows you to gratify a message with a discreet thumbs up, heart or emoji crying with laughter. Unlike other apps that allow you to choose from a wide range of emojis, WhatsApp only offers five at the moment and promises “a much wider range of expressions in the coming months.” The effort is there, but we would have liked more involvement.

512 people and 2 GB of attachments

Two other new features that should land in the coming weeks will facilitate remote collaboration. It will soon be possible to add up to 512 people within the same WhatsApp group and to share files of up to 2 GB (against 100 MB previously). According to the company, this should “easier collaboration within small businesses and school groups“. We can imagine that with the democratization of teleworking and distance learning, features like this could be very useful for sharing resources, courses and other multimedia files.

WhatsApp expands file sharing and chat groups

Facilitate the internal communication of organizations

The goal, according to WhatsApp, is to facilitate communication between groups of small businesses, school groups or even other organizations. The company clarifies in a blog post that users will now be able to send files up to 2 GB – whereas they were previously limited to 100 MB – while being protected by end-to-end encryption.

“We recommend using Wi-Fi for larger files, and we’ll display a counter while it’s uploading or downloading to let you know how long your transfer took,” the company adds.

WhatsApp has also confirmed that it will start rolling out the ability to create larger group holds, which can hold up to 512 people – up from 256 currently.

whatsapp reactions

Also, the company announced WhatsApp Reactions, a new feature that will be available on the latest version of the app.

“Reactions are fun, quick, and they also reduce overload in groups. We will continue to improve them by adding an even wider range of expressions in the future, ”describes WhatsApp.

“Building private, safe and secure communities takes work and we believe this series of improvements will help people and groups stay close to each other,” the company adds.

WhatsApp rolls out a new feature that should make Discord laugh


There are a plethora of instant messaging apps out there, and the most popular ones all come with a message reaction feature. These are small emojis that can be placed on a message to indicate what you think of it.

The advantage is above all not having to create a reply to the message by not creating a new one, this also taking up a lot of space in the conversation thread. A practical tool, therefore, which has existed for a long time on Twitter, Discord, or even Messenger, also owned by Meta.

But this lack on WhatsApp will soon be history as Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that the reactions would arrive today. You may not have seen the news from the boss of Meta, since he posted it… on Facebook.

Not everyone may get the update at the same time, so be patient if you’re not among the first.


Reacting to messages isn’t the only new thing Mark sends us. The other star of the moment will be a little wait, but it is not negligible. This is the maximum capacity of the files sent which will be drastically increased.

Currently, WhatsApp users cannot send each other files larger than 100MB, and photos or videos larger than 16MB. It’s the equivalent of an HD video of about 3 minutes, which is not huge.

For the past few days, WhatsApp has been testing an increase in this limit to 2 GB. It’s an improvement in line with the increase in storage capacities of smartphones, cloud subscriptions and professionals who use Whatsapp a lot to send files quickly and on the go.

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