Real-life Fortnite Durr Burger found in the desert

A life-size Fortnite Durr Burger mascot has appeared in a desert near Paldale, California.

In addition to the Greasy Grove burger, there is also an old police car in the area, along with a sign that says, “This place is unstable. Watch out for side effects.” There is also a tent nearby with a camouflage net that also has its own sign that says “If you can read this, you are close to the abnormality.”

Twitter user A2k K1Lo visited the location and was presented with a map with a telephone number on it. PC Gamer called the number and heard a recording of a sound effect, which you hear in-game when an object is sucked up through the rift.

Many Fortnite gamers have noticed that several objects have disappeared since the end of the Blast Off event. The crack in the game is still growing and various objects are being absorbed by it.

Fortnite Season 5 starts on July 12 and continues through September 20.

Article written by Ramadan Hasani.