Red Dead Online celebrates its independent version

The launch price of € 4.99 for standalone version of Red Dead Online ends February 15. And to celebrate the tremendous response to the game, a special gift and discount pack will welcome everyone who plays Red Dead Online before then. Either through the standalone version or a full copy of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Also this week, double XP on this week’s Featured Extreme Series, Trader bonuses, limited-time clothing available again. And much more, wait for the players this week.

The most important details of today’s update include:

  • A special gift pack for all players who log in until February 15th. Rewards of a free horse (rank below 40), a free stable, 5,000 club XP, 2 free skill cards, a free Coat, a free hat (rank 15 or lower), a free shirt (rank 15 or lower ) and a free fast-travel voucher. In addition to rapid ammo for all types of weapons, a reviver for horses, and a selection of tonics and other consumables.
  • Double EXP in this week of Extreme Series: Towards the Hills.
  • Limited time clothing available again. Luxury tailcoat, charro jacket, Benbow jacket, pants with appliqués, Manteca hat, Cossack hat, wild gloves, Calhoun boots and the Ortega vest.
  • Merchant Bonus at login: a reward of 25 Merchant boxes of Merchandise and 50% more RDO $ on all Merchant sell missions. Additionally, completing two sale missions will add a 40% discount offer on consistent and remarkable Merchant items.
  • Special discounts until February 15. 50% off any weapon, 40% off any non-role guide in the fence, and 30% off any item from the Country Store.
  • Additional discounts. 5 gold bars at the butcher table, 100% discount on the cost of camp transfer, 40% discount on themes, camp dogs and flags, on Cripps outfits and on hunting carts and carts medium and large delivery packages, plus 30% discount on all workhorses and rifles.
  • Recurring Prime Gaming benefits. Players who connect their Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive the rewards of a free Bounty Hunter license and an Amethyst Ornate Bounty Hunter Chariot cover, half price on the LeMat revolver, a Poncho of your choice, a free left holster , plus 100 high-velocity cartridges and explosive rounds for the revolver.

You can find more information in the following LINK.