Red Dead Online has battle royale

Red Dead Online includes a 32-player battle royale mode called Make It Count. On the Strawberry, Stillwater Creek and Tall Trees maps, among others, you should be the last one to remain while the playing field becomes smaller and smaller through a shrinking circle.

This is evident from leaked data that has been put online. Other modes also come to the fore. Most Wanted is a deathmatch mode where the player with the most kills also gets the highest bounty on their head. Team Shootout is a team deathmatch mode on the Saint Denis Docks and Bolger Glade maps, among others.

Name Your Weapon is also a deathmatch mode where it’s everyone for themselves, but points are calculated based on the specific weapons you use. Finally, there are three types of Races: a fixed route with an end point, races that you take in ‘laps’ and open races. You are not offered checkpoints in this last category. As long as you reach the end point first, everything is allowed.

The Red Dead Online beta release date has since been announced. From today, certain players can get started, others have to wait a while. Also read our overview with Red Dead Online info.