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Red Dead Online – How to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer

Red Dead Online – How to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer

Red Dead Online money it works differently from the single player game, or even like it does in GTA Online.

Instead of one type of money now there are two, and unlike the single player mode the money is made much, much slower.

On this page we have gathered several tricks for you to know how to get fast money in Red Dead Online with what we’ve discovered playing multiplayer so far.

If you are interested in knowing what the level rewards are, take a look at this page where we explain how to unlock all weapons, skill cards and special items when leveling up in Red Dead Online.

In this page:

How does money work in Red Dead Online?

Essentially, the way you earn money in Red Dead Online is not much different from how it does in the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign mode. You still earn money from most activities in varying amounts, and it is still used to buy useful items.

The differences are twofold: the first and most notable is that there are two types of currency in Red Dead Online instead of just one, regular money, or dollars, and gold.

Everything costs money, including, of course, new guns.

Red Dead Online is still in beta, so some things can and will change, but for now the main difference between normal money (dollars) and gold is their use. Gold is used to buy cosmetic items (like a cool funa or a braided tail for our horse) or to buy something that was previously locked after a level requirement, like a fast travel point in the camp, which is otherwise locked up to level 65.

Regular money, meanwhile, is used to buy the things you buy in single player mode: upgrades, weapons, ammo, camp upgrades, cosmetic items, and more. Regular money can only be earned by playing the game, while gold can be earned either by playing the game (albeit very slowly) or through microtransactions once they are entered.

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The second main difference in how money works in single player compared to multiplayer in Red Dead Online is that it is achieved much slower in the second. For example, the loot: in single player mode you can get a few dollars by looting a bandit that you have killed; in Red Dead Online they give you like a tenth of that, ten or twenty cents instead of a dollar or two.

Powerfull knight.

Items aren’t cheap in Red Dead Online either. A Mauser pistol will cost you $ 1,000, for example, so to sum it up: getting money, whether it’s regular dollars or the soon-to-be-available gold in microtransactions, is pure grind.

The best ways to get fast money in Red Dead Online

It’s still very early, but we’ve fiddled around Red Dead Online a bit and found some ways to make money relatively quickly, though keep in mind that the process is still much slower than in single player. Here are the ways we have chosen to get dollars in Red Dead Online. Thanks to users like tehdubya on the Red Dead Online subreddit for helping with some hints.

How to get fast money in Red Dead Online

Getting maps from bandit leaders is a good way to earn income, but they don’t always have one.