Red Dead Online – How to Unlock All Weapons, Skill Cards, and Special Items by Leveling Up

The players of Red Dead Online level up as they gain experience points, which is achieved doing jobs, missions and completing challenges of all kinds.

It is an online world that rewards you with experience points for practically anything, and whose goal is to level up to the maximum of 100.

And is that each level unlocks new objects. The most coveted are weapons and skill cards, but also includes cosmetic objects such as hats, gun holsters, raincoats, skins for our horse and pamphlets that allow us to create rare objects such as explosive arrows.

Of course: remember that these objects are unlocked in the vendors so you can buy them. You may unlock that rifle you wanted so much, but you are going to need money to be able to get it. And it is not a cheap world, we already tell you now.

Below you will find a list with all the weapons that are unlocked in each level, as well as skill cards and some special items, such as lethal ammunition, the fishing pole or the lock opener.

All Red Dead Online unlockables

  • Level 05: Shotgun
  • Level 07: Bolt-Action Rifle
  • Level 08: Throwing Knife, Varmint Rifle
  • Level 09: Schofield Revolver
  • Level 10: Bow, Comeback Stronger Ability Card, Horseman Ability Card
  • Level 11: Repeating Shotgun
  • Level 12: Lancaster repeat
  • Level 13: Rolling Block Rifle
  • Level 14: Fishing Rod
  • Level 15: Knife
  • Level 16: Dynamite, Necessity Breeds skill card
  • Level 17: Double Action Revolver
  • Level 18: Lichfield Replay, Landon’s Patience Skill Card
  • Level 19: Saw Shotgun
  • Level 20: Binoculars, Hunker Down skill card
  • Level 21: Volcanic Pistol
  • Level 22: Semi-Automatic Pistol, To Fight Another Day skill card
  • Level 23: Lock Opener
  • Level 24: Slow and Steady Skill Card, Incendiary Bottle
  • Level 26: The Unblinking Eye Skill Card
  • Level 28: Hatchet, Eye For An Eye skill card
  • Level 30: The Gift of Focus Skill Card
  • Level 31: Express pistol cartridges, Express repeater cartridges, Express revolver cartridges, Express rifle cartridges
  • Level 32: Machete, Strange Medicine skill card
  • Level 34: Mauser Pistol, Take The Pain Away ability card
  • Level 36: Tomahawk, Cold Blooded Ability Card
  • Level 38: Springfield Rifle, The Short Game Ability Card
  • Level 40: Of Single Purpose Skill Card
  • Level 41: High Speed ​​Pistol Cartridges, High Speed ​​Repeater Cartridges, High Speed ​​Revolver Cartridges, High Speed ​​Rifle Cartridges
  • Level 42: Semi-Automatic Shotgun, Hangman Skill Card
  • Level 44: Shotgun shell, Quite An Inspiration skill card
  • Level 46: Never Without One Skill Card
  • Level 48: Winning Streak Skill Card
  • Level 50: Carcano Rifle, Slippery B*****d Ability Card
  • Level 65: Fast Travel Outpost
  • Level 100: Unknown

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