Red Dead Online: In the Fool’s Gold event you fight in golden armor

Update (02/27/2019): Said update is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The trailer, which Rockstar has published to go with it, gives you a small foretaste of the new features introduced.

Original message (02/21/2019): In the coming week – February 26th – Rockstar will release a new update for Red Dead Online.

It brings improvements and balance adjustments, as well as new weapons, clothing and emotes.

One of the innovations is a free roam event called Narrengold. In it you fight for control of a showy and protective golden armor. If you turn off the carrier, you claim the armor for yourself and then collect as many points as possible through kills.

If you prefer to go looking for fish, you face the fishing challenges. There are different types and the necessary equipment – fishing rod and bait – you get automatically.

“Then go to a suitable body of water to participate – you will also be safe from interference from trigger-happy outlaws during the challenge,” it said. “Catch the highest total weight of fish to win.”

With Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Plunder, three new showdown modes are also on the way. More details will follow. A new variant with a target race is also planned, in which you shoot targets from the horse in order to be able to pass control points.

For new weapons, you’ll get the Evans Repeater and Rare Shotgun. There is also “a large selection of new clothes”.

“In addition to the new Target Races, PS4 players will have early access to Open Target Races, where you’ll compete against each other in an open area to shoot as many targets as possible from the horse,” says Rockstar. “PS4 players will also get early access to the Jawbone Knife, a unique melee weapon with a handle artistically carved from the remains of the jaw of a hunted animal, as well as a selection of new clothing and 3 new emotes.”

Last but not least, there is a Bonus XP Event running this week. Until the update is released, you will get 20 percent more XP in all activities.

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