He Wild West from Red Dead Online is about to become even more a lawless place after the leader of the infamous Del Lobo gang is spotted, Carmela montez, in the West Elizabeth area.

Celebrated Bounty Hunters will be able to hunt down Montez, the last Legendary Fugitive, while additional bonuses, discounts and rewards await all players.

The details of the update Red Dead Online today include

  • All rewards will be paid 50% more this week. Including the Infamous Fugitives, which are 3-part missions available to Noted Bounty Hunters.
  • Bonuses for Outlaw Pass # 4 owners: 5,000 player XP and 2 free skill card upgrades.
  • Discounts for Bounty Hunter. 30% discount on a horse of your choice. And for all those who complete a Legendary Fugitive Mission they will get an additional 30% discount on the weapon of their choice.
  • Bonuses in Gus’s shop. Hunters and Naturalists visiting Gus’s shop from today until December 21 will receive 5 special medicines, 200 units of express rifle ammunition and 10 pieces of big game meat.
  • 5 gold bars discount in the Collector’s Bag or in the Naturalista Sampling Kit.
  • New discounts. 40% off all Collector cosmetic items, Beginner or Promise Naturalist items, and 30% off all items in Gus’s shop, Bolt-Action Rifles, and Elephant Rifles.
  • Prime Gaming benefits. A free Bounty Hunter license and the Amethyst Ornate Bounty Hunter Cart Skin for all players who link their Social Club account with Prime Gaming.
  • Ongoing Prime Gaming rewards. Players who link their Prime Gaming account before December 21 will receive a free Breton horse and RDO $ 100.
  • And the premiere of the new Legendary Fugitive, Carmela “La Muñeca” Montez. The Del Lobo leader has been spotted near the Hanging Dog ranch in the West Elizabeth area, and can already be hunted down by Legendary Bounty Hunters visiting the local fugitive boards.

You can find more information in the following LINK.

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