Red Dead Online receives Frontier Occupations expansion

Expanding the amount of content available to players in Red Dead Online (from Red Dead Redemption 2), Rockstar announced that the Frontier Occupations package is now available, in which players can choose to act in one of three different professions: Rewards, Merchant or Collector.

In addition to the new classes, the update also brings new features and gameplay changes, and you can check out some of these details below:

  • New items, weapons, clothing and horse-drawn vehicles
  • Directional damage indicators are displayed when your character is hit
  • More breeds of horses
  • Possibility to change your character’s appearance without resetting progress
  • Expansion of spaces for custom costumes
  • Option to name saved costumes
  • Craft-specific Free Mode events
  • Increased sales prices for looted jewelry
  • Increased speed in animations and movement to improve combat response (including aiming, reloading and triggering), looting faster, among others
  • Other improvements and changes to game balance

(Source: Rockstar / Disclosure)

It has also been announced that those who venture into Red Dead Online by November 18 will automatically be enrolled in Club Wheeler, Rawson & Co., guaranteeing new garments, accessories and other features.

Finally, PlayStation 4 owners can access the Merchant Camp Theme and Weapon Deposit for free at the Arrangements and Models store until October 14, requiring you to reach level 5 as a Merchant. The list of resources for those who own the Sony platform also includes early access to the American foxhound camp dog, the “Bullets to Heaven” gesture, three Skill Cards and three pieces of clothing to date, as well as RDO $ 250 for PlayStation Plus owners (until October 7).