Red Dead Online could incorporate a new measure highly demanded by players. Will it be possible to turn into an animal from the Halloween update? Everything seems to indicate that it is.

As time goes by, more events, activities and content is added to Red Dead Online, the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption 2. The game has not received DLC’s in history, but it has had constant online updates.

Red Dead Online’s long-awaited Halloween update It could bring a novelty that the community long-awaited and that GTA Online players have already experienced: becoming an animal thanks to the consumption of hallucinogenic plants.

If you remember, thanks to the plant known as peyote, in GTA V we could transform ourselves into animals and perform different mechanics with them. This fun addition could be added to Red Dead Onlien on the occasion of the terrifying holiday.

However, this would have a different approach, since players would take on the appearance of spooky animals. Based on multiplayer theories, which seem to be on the right track and can be seen in detail in the video below, spectral animals would appear in the update as a special theme.

It is suspected that there could be four: a wild boar, a deer, a possum and a rabbit. The rumor says that we can become these animals by consuming a herb, although much information is still missing. Another theory suggests that these ghostly creatures will be added to the game, but cannot be controlled. We will have to wait until October to unravel more data.

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