Should the almost unthinkable event occur in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you no longer know what to do next, challenges are the ideal pastimes. These are essentially mini-tasks that are decoupled from the plot and are intended to encourage you to take a closer look at the various activities and activities in the RDR2.

Therefore, the challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2 are useful in several ways. On the one hand, you always have several employment opportunities. On the other hand, the developers at Rockstar ensure that you actually discover all the many facets and side activities that they have in store for you.

However, because video gamers are naturally comfortable creatures and shy away from unnecessary tasks, there are of course various rewards for completing challenges. So you can unlock exclusive special equipment and additional experience for your health, stamina and your Dead Eye. You can always get the special equipment from the trapper afterwards.Cheating was yesterday! Now comes MegaDev. What is that? You can download a legal trainer for the PC version of your game that only affects your solo game. Cheating is not possible in online gaming because nobody wants that.

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Here you can read where you can find the trapper in Red Dead Redemption 2 and what he sells.

There are a total of 90 different of these missions, whereby you will always find ten within a category. Important: You must always complete the current challenge in the respective category before you can access the next one. So you have no way of skipping an unsuitable challenge.

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This is how you solve the challenges in RDR2

Below you will find an overview of all challenge categories with all tasks and rewards.


The name of the bandit challenges already makes it clear what this is about: things that will not bring you friends on the part of the law enforcement officers. Many of these tasks will bring you a nice bounty, which is why you better not tackle this category until later in the game, when you already have enough money on the high edge to be able to pay the bounties. You can find out more about this topic on the page Red Dead Redemption 2: Get Rid of Bounties, Pay and Avoid – Here’s How It Works.

Note: Also make sure that some trophies and achievements in Red Dead Redemption 2 are linked to high honor.

  • Assault five townspeople.
    Bandit cartridge belt
  • Ambush any two carriages or deliver any two carriages to the fence.
    25 Dead Eye EP, $ 5
  • Rob four registers in different stores in one day.
    Bandit holster
  • Raid three carriages in one day.
    50 Dead Eye EP, $ 10
  • Raise your bounty to $ 250 in one region.
    50 Dead Eye EP, $ 10
  • Stands five horses and sells them at the horse picker in Clemens Cove.
    100 Dead Eye EP, $ 15
  • Steals $ 50 worth of items and money from travelers and city dwellers.
    Second Bandit Holster
  • Steal seven wagons and sell them to the fence at the Emerald Ranch.
    100 Dead Eye EP, $ 15
  • Tie up three people and place them on train tracks.
    150 Dead Eye EP, $ 20
  • Complete five train heists without dying or being caught.
    Bandit weapon belt


The most uniform of all categories. The only thing here is to find all the treasures or treasure maps in RDR2. Examples include the Jack Hall gang’s treasure map.

  • Find a treasure map for the first time.
    Explorer holster
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    25 Endurance XP, $ 5
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    Explorer cartridge belt
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    50 Endurance XP, $ 10
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    50 Endurance XP, $ 10
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    100 Endurance XP, $ 15
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    Explorer weapon belt
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    100 Endurance XP, $ 15
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    150 Endurance XP, $ 20
  • Find a treasure or a treasure map.
    Second explorer holster


In the (not quite so) Wild West you can literally put your luck to the test – in the form of various games of chance. From poker to dominoes to blackjack, there is a lot of what you would expect in a casino today. Better still: Since the artificial intelligence in the game leaves a lot to be desired, you should have comparatively few problems with unbuttoning the last shirt of your opponents.

  • Win five hands in poker.
    Gambling holster
  • Doubles up and wins five hands in blackjack.
    25 Dead Eye EP, $ 5
  • Win three rounds of “Five Finger Fillet”.
    Gambler cartridge belt
  • Forces an opponent to drop out at each of the poker locations Flatneck Station, Saint Denis and Valentine.
    50 Dead Eye EP, $ 10
  • Win three rounds of dominoes against one or two opponents without moving stones.
    50 Dead Eye EP, $ 10
  • Defeat the Blackjack Dealer in Rhodes and Van Horn.
    100 Dead Eye EP, $ 15
  • Defeat the five-finger fillet opponent in Valentine, Strawberry and Van Horn.
    Gambler gun belt
  • Wins three blackjack hands with three or more cards.
    100 Dead Eye EP, $ 15
  • Win three domino games in a row.
    150 Dead Eye EP, $ 20
  • Wins three poker hands in a row.
    Gülcksspieler secondary holster

The challenges of Red Dead Redemption 2 demand a wide variety of skills from you.


Red Dead Redemption 2 not only offers a huge, species-rich fauna, but also downright absurdly detailed flora. Did you know that plants of the same type often have different roots when you pull them out of the ground? In any case: To catch a bit of the work that Rockstar has pumped into this area of ​​the game, ten different tasks are waiting for you where you have to prove your green thumb.

  • Pick six yarrows.
    Herbalist second holster
  • Pick and Try Four Berries,
    25 Health XP , $ 5
  • Use sage to craft seven items.
    Herbalist weapon belt
  • Feed your horse five collected mushrooms.
    50 Health XP, $ 10
  • Use Indian tobacco to craft nine items.
    50 Health XP, $ 10
  • Collect 15 different herbs.
    100 Health XP, $ 15
  • List and use five special miracle tonics.
    Herbalist holster
  • Use oleander to craft six poison weapons.
    100 Health XP, $ 15
  • Earn one herb of each type.
    150 Health XP, $ 20
  • Cooks and seasons all eleven types of meat.
    Herbalist cartridge belt


One of the first realizations in RDR2 is something like “, horses are not cars on hooves”: The graceful animals have their own will and are not so easy to control. This will change after you have completed all of the Equestrian Art challenges.

  • Kill five rabbits while on horseback.
    Equestrianism weapon belt
  • Jump your horse over three obstacles within 15 seconds.
    25 Endurance XP, $ 5
  • Rides from Valentine to Rhodes in five minutes.
    Equestrian Holster
  • Lasso a victim from a horse 3,300 feet (1,000 meters).
    50 Endurance XP, $ 10.
  • Trample five animals on your horse.
    50 Endurance XP, $ 10
  • Ride from Strawberry to Saint Denis in nine minutes without touching water.
    100 Endurance XP, $ 15
  • Kill seven enemies on your horse without dismounting.
    Equestrian art ammunition belt
  • Kill nine predators while on horseback.
    100 Endurance XP, $ 15
  • Ride from Van Horn to Blackwater in 17 minutes without touching water.
    150 Endurance XP, $ 20
  • Ride a wild horse of each breed.
    Second equestrian holster

Master hunter

What Rockstar packs here as a bonus in the open-world adventure under the generic term “hunting”, other developers might have thrown onto the market as an independent game. Because: killing dozens of different animals is a science in itself and surprisingly complex. These challenges introduce you to this mechanic with increasing difficulty.

  • Skin three deer.
    Master hunter second holster
  • Collect three perfect rabbit skins.
    25 Health XP, $ 5
  • Use the binoculars to track down ten different animal species.
    Meisterjäger ammunition belt
  • Call five animals and then kill them with one clean shoot.
    50 Health XP, $ 10
  • Skin three grizzly or black bears.
    50 Health XP, $ 10
  • Hunt and skin five pumas with a bow and arrow.
    100 Health XP, $ 15
  • Lures a predator and herbivore and then kills them.
    Master Hunter Weapon Belt
  • Catch three small fish without using a fishing rod.
    100 Health XP, $ 15
  • Hunt a possum that pretends to be dead.
    150 Health XP, $ 20
  • Hunt the legendary panther “Giaguaro” and skin him for his fur.
    Master Hunter Holster


With all the different game mechanics in Red Dead 2: By far the most present (and possibly the most arguable) are the shootings: You constantly have to blow their cowboy hats off the unshaven heads of bad boys running around. While shooting usually doesn’t require too much precision, with these challenges you should already know exactly when to shoot where.

  • Kill three birds in flight.
    Sniper cartridge belt
  • Kill two different species of animals with the same Dead Eye.
    25 Dead Eye EP, $ 5
  • Kill five flying birds while on a moving train.
    Sniper holster
  • Kill an enemy at least 80 feet (24 meters) away with a tomahawk.
    50 Dead Eye EP, $ 10
  • Kill six animals without changing your weapon or reloading it.
    50 Dead Eye EP, $ 10
  • Kill an enemy at least 600 feet (200 meters) away with a sniper rifle.
    100 Dead Eye EP, $ 15
  • Get seven headshots in a row.
    Master Hunter Weapon Belt
  • Disarm three enemies without reloading or switching weapons.
    100 Dead Ee EP, $ 15
  • Use the same Dead Eye to shoot three enemies’ hats off their heads.
    150 Dead Eye EP, $ 20
  • Kill three flying birds with three consecutive sniper rifle shots.
    Sniper weapon belt.


A somewhat unfortunate category: Basically, the survivalist challenges are fishing tasks. Like most of the other challenges, these are also continuously increasing, so that in the end you have almost matured into a master angler.

  • Catch three blue sun bass.
    Survivalist weapon belt
  • Deliver five animals to your camp or to the trapper.
    25 Endurance XP, $ 5
  • Kill five animals with the Varmint Rifle.
    Survivalist secondary holster
  • Craft Dynamite, Fire, Poison, Small Game, and Improved Arrows.
    50 Endurance XP, $ 10
  • Catch one fish each from the train tracks and one boat in Bayou.
    50 Endurance XP, $ 10
  • Kill five animals while they are eating a carcass.
    100 Endurance XP, $ 15
  • Kill eight small animals in a row with small game arrows without a miss.
    Survivalist cartridge belt
  • Craft a homing and an upgraded tomahawk, high explosive dynamite and high explosive incendiary device.
    100 Endurance XP, $ 15
  • Catch a fish that weighs at least 19 pounds (8.7 kg).
    150 Endurance XP, $ 20
  • Catch a fish of any species anywhere in the world.
    Survivalist holster

Weapons expert

There is no doubt that you are good at using firearms – after all, there are more than enough opportunities in Red Dead Redemption 2 to hone this skill. But what about thrown weapons and explosive killing tools? These challenges teach you to master them.

  • Kill three enemies with one knife.
    Gun Expert Holster
  • Kill three enemies in ten seconds with only throwing knives.
    25 Health XP, $ 5
  • Kill three birds of prey with just one tomahawk.
    Weapon Expert Belt
  • Use a shotgun with self-made ammunition to kill ten enemies.
    50 Health XP, $ 10
  • Eliminate five mounted enemies with a single knife throw each.
    50 Health XP, $ 10
  • Kill four enemies at once with a single stick of dynamite.
    100 Health XP, $ 15
  • Kill four enemies in a row with the same tomahawk.
    Second weapon expert holster
  • Kill 15 enemies with a long barrel handgun.
    100 Health XP, $ 15
  • Kill nine enemies who haven’t noticed you yet with the bow from behind.
    150 Health XP, $ 20
  • Use only throwing knives to kill a grizzly bear without taking any damage.
    Weapon Expert Ammunition Belt