Today we had the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games for PS4 and Xbox One and there is no time to lose: there is already a list of cheats and cheats for the game. How about getting infinite ammo, extremely fast horses, more upgrades to the Dead Eye (the game’s slow motion) and more? You can even get drunk endlessly or add other funny things.

Red Dead Redemption II (affectionately called RDR 2) has a hint and cheat scheme similar to GTA 5 and you can check it out below. It is worth remembering that using cheats in the game will block trophies and achievements, just like in GTA V (the solution is to create another save data to avoid “dirtying” your main). Check out:

How to release cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2

Unlike GTA 5 (both for Xbox 360 / PS3 and for Xbox One and PlayStation 4), to use codes in RDR 2 you need to access a cheat menu through the pause menu (with the Option button on PS4 or Menu on Xbox One ). To do this, you must go to Settings and access the Cheats option to see the complete list.

Some codes can be accessed through codes, which are phrases that you must enter. Other codes can only be activated through in-game tasks, ie: you need to complete missions or other things to enable in the menu.

Below, you can see the cheats we know so far (more than 30):

Infinite ammo cheat for all weapons

That code is not unlocked through codes. To activate infinite ammo for all weapons, you need to purchase the New Hanover Gazette No. 27 in the city of Valentine. You can buy the magazine after going to Horseshoe Overlook in chapter 2.

Code to change the level of the Dead Eye

  • Leave the Dead Eye at level 3: type the phrase (without quotes) “I shall be better”
  • Leave the Dead Eye at level 5: type the phrase (without quotes) “I seek and I shall find”

Cheat to get drunk all the time in RDR 2

  • You will be drunk all the time (can be turned off in the menu at any time): type the phrase (without quotes) “A fool on command”

Horse and vehicle codes

  • Your horse hears the whistle from any distance: type the phrase (without the quotes) “Better than my dog”
  • Create a carriage with a horse: type the phrase (without quotes) “Keep your dreams simple”
  • Create a circus carriage: type the phrase (without quotes) “Would you be happier as a clown?”
  • Create a racehorse: type the phrase (without the quotes) “Run! Run! Run! ”
  • Create a war horse: type the phrase (without the quotes) “

Weapon-related cheat

  • Get heavy weapons for the character (Bolt-action Rifle, Mauser Pistol, Shotgun Pump Action and Semi-automatic Pistol): type the phrase (without quotes) “Greed is American Virtue”

Breath cheats, life, Dead Eye bar, honor and more

  • Restore all life, Dead Eye bar and breath: type the phrase (without quotes) “You florish before you die”

Cheats for the map

  • Reveal the entire map area at once: you need to buy a newspaper after chapter 3

For now, these are the codes revealed so far, but there are more than 30 to unlock. Voxel will increase the list of cheats as they are revealed. And, if you play other Rockstar games, be sure to check out the GTA 5 cheats too.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a release date of October 26th, today, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (unfortunately, there are no PC versions).