Red Dead Redemption 2 | Digital sales more than doubled after launch on Steam

According to SuperData’s latest report on the digital games market, sales of Red Dead Redemption 2 more than doubled after the game’s release on Steam. SuperData highlights how the exclusivity window announced on the PC led many to wait for the release on Steam, instead of buying the game on the Epic Games Store.

Sales of digital units more than doubled from 406,000 in November to 1.0 million in December. The game was available on Steam on December 5, a month after launching elsewhere, including the Epic Games Store and the Rockstar Games Launcher. This brief window of exclusivity was announced in advance and many players simply waited a short time to play it on their favorite launcher.

Interestingly, another title developed by Rockstar Games launched some time ago continues to do well. December 2019 was the best month for Grand Theft Auto V since December 2017, with the game winning $ 84.7 million on console and PC.