Now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 has repeatedly indicated that it may arrive on the PC at some point. After the version was listed on the profile of a programmer who worked at Rockstar Leeds until 2016 (and has since been retired), a reference to it was discovered in a physics programmer who worked at Rockstar Toronto.

In the past, an alleged PC version of the game had already been spotted in a video published on YouTube, which revealed a series of specific settings for the platform. MediaMarket, a famous store chain in Europe, also went so far as to list Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, stating that the title was due in 2019.

The most recent leak is related to Nam Ma, who worked on titles like Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online and Max Payne 3 before founding Future Immersive, a studio focused on creating experiences for virtual reality. Although the various leaks indicate that an adaptation of the game is inevitable, we will only be sure that it will actually happen when Rockstar Games decides to officially announce it.