Rockstar has released a lot of details about the weapons and various customizations to those weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 through its own website. The developer announced that there are more than fifty weapons to use and adapt in the Wild West, both on functional as a visual area.

You have more than 50 weapons at your disposal in Red Dead Redemption 2. All the shooting equipment can of course be adjusted to your heart’s content and there are different types of ammunition that change the operation of your pistols and range rifles. There is also a lot of customizing visually, with different types of materials and finishes to make your barkers look as good as possible.

On Rockstar’s own website, the developer shows different types of weapons and how they work, such as the Springfield Rifle and the Volcanic Pistol. The Sawed-Off Shotgun is also depicted, as is the Cattleman Revolver. Interestingly, your weapons will perform better the more you use them. However, if you neglect your weapon, its performance will gradually decrease. Regular cleaning and oiling of your gun will keep your revolver in good condition.

Your weapons will work better with modifications such as a new barrel, stock or new sights, and look better if you use new metals, add different woods, or put a fresh coat of varnish on your stock. You can also have your gun graphed.

Specific weapons like the Double-Action Revolver are particularly good to use while on your horse, while the Varmint Rifle is good for hunting smaller animals and causing as little damage as possible to the quality of flesh and skin. the animal. The addition of sights can be used on all types of range guns, with an added sight you can switch between the sight and normal aim.

Dead Eye will of course also return to Red Read Redemption 2 and will be discussed extensively by Rockstar. As is known, the time is delayed during Dead Eye so that you can aim more accurately. What’s totally new in Red Dead Redemption 2 is that the feature evolves as the story progresses. In the beginning you can only select your targets automatically, then you can aim freely in Dead Eye and eventually you can aim at the vulnerable points of your enemies’ bodies for extra deadly precision.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be in stores October 26. Check out the news about the Arthur Morgan story here, check out Dennis’s extensive preview or check out the latest gameplay trailer one more time.