Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Protect from other players without passive mode

Granted, nobody expected in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online everything would be peace, joy, pancakes. What is currently in the world of Red Dead Online going off is a bit too violent even for the Wild West and leaves many votes for one Passive mode come up. Such an option is often used in comparable games to prevent players from constantly massacring the servers and blasting everything that is not in the tree with three.

This type of player is damn common in Rockstar’s online multiplayer at the moment. The bad news, however: You can click your way through the game’s menus for as long as you want – you won’t find a passive mode. It is questionable whether that will ever change. Red Dead Online is currently only in the beta phase, so the developers can add some functions to their game. Actually, however, it is Rockstar’s goal to forego such an emergency solution so as not to trample on the “wild” in the “wild west”. On the other hand, there was already a passive mode in GTA Online. So nothing is impossible.

But as I said, as of today you have to do without such a safety net. However, there are a few little tricks that you can use to increase your protection in the often hostile game world. You can find out what these are below.

The lack of a passive mode is painfully often pointed out in Red Dead Online.

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  • Raise the white flag in your camp
    Yep, there is actually a white flag in your warehouse that is not just for decoration. All you have to do is interact with the scrap of cloth to hoist it. As soon as you do this, other players can no longer attack you – at least as long as you are within your camp. As soon as you leave its catchment area, however, you are again found food for wandering outlaws. If you pull in the white flag again, your protection will go away with it. You also have to wait 30 seconds before you can hoist the flag again.
  • Form a squad and play as a crew
    The jointly organized play is not only more fun than roaming the Wild West as a lone wolf – your up to seven players also offer you much more protection and may scare off any enemies in advance. Just click on the link to learn more about gangs and squads.

How the “Parley and Feud” system works in Red Dead Online

The “Parley and Feud” mechanic was supposed to replace the passive mode and sounds quite reasonable on paper at first. The system takes effect whenever a player has been killed by another four times. To avoid frustration, after the fourth death the victim can choose the options “Parley” and “Feud”. The first is, well, a ceasefire: once activated, neither player can inflict any physical damage on each other for ten minutes. After that, the protection time is automatically deactivated again, so that the whole thing starts all over again.

In the feud, however, there is a duel. The two fighters can attack each other for three to five minutes and receive points for each kill. Respawns are of course activated and when the time expires the outlaw with the higher score has won.

Even if this system is better than nothing, many players do not go far enough. For one thing, you have to be shot four times (by the same player) before you can react. And even when the time comes, a ceasefire will only take ten minutes. Arbitrary kills in particular cannot be prevented – much to the frustration of many online cowboys.

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