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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: The camp and what you can do in the camp

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: The camp and what you can do in the camp

The world of Red Dead Online is a dangerous place and yours camp pretty much the only place where you can safely retreat. As in the main game, yours is yours Camp in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online however more than one meaning to it.

Here you tinker with all kinds of objects, cook yourselves a nutritious meal, restore your battered health and stamina cores around the campfire and simply have a chat with Cripps, the girl for everything at your retreat. You can order various improvements from him. As you can see, there are some basic things to discover here even for seasoned campaigners. In this guide you can find out what these are and what you should pay particular attention to.

The camp is your main retreat in Red Dead Online.

You get your first camp very early in the game. However, your retreat at this point still consists of little more than a thin tent with only a handful of functions. Therefore, you should improve your camp regularly. This not only makes an impression on other players, but is also associated with very specific gaming advantages. For example, your character’s cores fill up faster when you rest by the fire. You also get access to various amenities and valuable equipment.

Storage upgrades are tied to your character’s rank, so even with a bulging wallet you won’t be able to buy all the upgrades right away. By the way, you don’t upgrade your entire camp at once, only individual aspects such as your tent. In any case, if you have reached a required level, all you have to do is go to Cripps and connect it. In the menu that now opens, you can change the following components of your accommodation:

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These tents can be found in Red Dead Online

So that you get a better overview of the different tents and know when you unlock which improvement, you will find a list of all tents in the game here:

What else you can do in your camp: Unlock fast travel point

The fast travel function in Red Dead Online is a little more comfortable than in the main game. Nevertheless, you have to live with some restrictions and you cannot teleport through world history at will. However, a quick travel point makes it a little easier for you, which you can unlock for your camp as soon as you have reached level 65. When the time comes, just speak to Cripps and choose the upgrade from the equipment list.

By the way: Here you can find out everything else you need to know about fast travel in Red Dead Online.

Restore your cores around the campfire

The way your cores work in Red Dead Online is no different than in the main game. The easiest way to replenish your health and stamina there was to take a short nap – but this is exactly what multiplayer doesn’t offer anymore. Instead, you should regularly breathe around the campfire in your camp. Such a pause does not necessarily completely refill your kernels, but it is enough that it is worthwhile to let your mind wander here for a short time. How strongly your nuclei regenerate depends directly on your tent (see above).

The locker

Unlike in the role of Arthur Morgan, you no longer just go to any shop to buy certain goods in online mode. Instead, you can conveniently use the catalog at any time, which you will receive very early in the game. If you do this, the purchased goods do not go directly into your inventory. Instead, you either have to pick them up at a post office – or in the bluish storage box in your warehouse, which you can recognize by the list symbol on the minimap.

Change wardrobe

You can also change your current outfit in your camp at any time. Just go to the tent and a cloakroom symbol will appear. In the following menu you can now change both your own clothes and those of your horse.

Moving stock in Red Dead Online – here’s how

One of the biggest differences compared to the main game is the fact that you can move your camp at any time. Press left control pad to go to the camp menu. Here you can choose either a small or a large camp in pretty much any region. After you have paid a small contribution, your temporary home will be moved to the desired location.

By the way: Large camps can only be set up if you are in a permanent squad. No idea what that is? Here you will find how you can form a squad in Red Dead Online and why you should definitely do that.

Raise the white flag

Your camp is your main retreat in the game for a much more mundane reason: It’s the only area where hostile players can’t shoot you down. At least this option is denied to them as long as you leave the white flag hoisted.

Without a passive mode in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, this is one of the few ways to protect yourself from other players.

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