PS4 bundles with Red Dead Redemption 2, the new season of Fortnite, more news about a Castlevania collection and much more in this new Night Watch.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 bundles announced

A number of PlayStation 4 bundles with Red Dead Redemption 2 are coming out. Both the game and the various bundles will be available on October 26. The top bundle is the PS4 Pro with the game, which will cost $ 399 in the US – a price in euros has not been announced.

In addition to the aforementioned bundle, there will be two bundles with the game and regular PlayStation 4 consoles. One with 1TB of storage and one with 500GB of storage space. The latter has been confirmed for the United Kingdom only.

So if you don’t have a PlayStation 4 yet but would like to play RDR 2 on it, now is the ideal time!

First teaser picture of Fortnite season 6

Season 6 of Fortnite kicks off this Thursday, so it’s high time for Epic’s marketing machine to get up and running again. Below you can see the first teaser art of the sixth season, a llama dressed as a tough DJ. In addition, a lightning bolt can be seen, undoubtedly a hint of changes on the map in connection with rifts and time travel.

Loot Lake has now become a large purple plain where you can jump and bounce to your favorite destination. Just a few more days and we’ll find out what changes season 6 will bring to the Fortnite map.

Dragon Quest XI on Switch is renamed

You’d almost forget, but Dragon Quest XI is also coming to the Switch. While we are still waiting for trailers or even screenshots of the Switch version of the game, the official name of this version is now known: Dragon Quest XI S.

At the Tokyo Game Show, DQ creator Yuji Horii explained that the S stands for Switch and ‘Shaberu’. That last word means ‘speak’, which is why there are now rumors that the spoken voices are also coming to the Switch version of the game. He also says that the S especially does not stand for ‘small’. No, imagine.

Well, bring on those images! And then the Wait doesn’t mean the trailer below, which only shows the logo.

Castlevania Requiem now also appeared on ESRB

Last week, a collection called ‘Castlevania Requiem’ appeared on the Korean age rating website for games. Now the collection has also appeared on ESRB, the American version of it, although it has unfortunately been removed very quickly, but fortunately DualShockers reports the official description. The collection, which would consist of Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood, seems to be really in the making, although Konami has not confirmed anything yet.

Just like on the Korean site, Castlevania Requiem is only mentioned for PlayStation 4 for the time being. He may also come to other consoles, but that is still to be seen. The Guard is curious when the official unveiling of the collection of rock-solid Metroidvania titles is in the pipeline!

Catherine’s intro: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body is a remake of the excellent puzzle game Catherine. The game will be out in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Vita in February, and we’re expecting at least the PS4 version in the west sometime in 2019.

The Tokyo Game Show showed the intro movie of the stylish game, which you can watch below. For the gourmets this!

A Diablo series may be coming to Netflix

An animated series based on Blizzards Diablo may be coming to Netflix. Variety reports that Andrew Cosby briefly reported this on Twitter, before quickly deleting the tweets. Cosby is the co-founder of comic publisher Boom! Studios and according to previous rumors would work on the animated series.

Unfortunately no photos were taken of the tweets, but Variety can be trusted and would not report this if the tweets did not actually exist. He would have indicated in the tweets that the discussions between Activision Blizzard and Netflix are still ongoing. Indeed, that is not a good time to start talking about school, Cosby!

Maybe we’ll hear more on Blizzcon in November? Or would that be too soon?

Telltale was working on a strategic zombie game

What a hassle around Telltale! As you could read in the Weekend Watch and the column yesterday, the developer has virtually closed its doors and canceled almost all of its games. And that while they were working on the final season of The Walking Dead and a new season of The Wolf Among Us!

VG24 / 7 now reports that Telltale was also working on a new zombie game with a ton of strategy and procedurally-told stories in it. The game would have been canceled in March, according to Alexis Kennedy (freelance writer for Dragon Age 4, among others). “When I worked at Bioware in early 2017, Telltale contacted me to discuss this project.”

They wanted to do something different from the usual Telltale games, according to Kennedy. It was said to be based on a popular video game series, but had nothing to do with The Walking Dead. Maybe Valve’s Left 4 Dead? We will probably never know …

In any case, the game was under development for mobile platforms but could have come to other systems as well, and focused on managing bases and collecting resource materials. Telltale’s graphic style would be preserved, but the stories would evolve procedurally. At the beginning of this year, almost the entire team that worked on it was fired.

Netflix still wants to make Stranger Things games

Incidentally, Netflix still wants to develop the ‘interactive adventure’ around Stranger Things. This one was supposed to be made by Telltale, but as you now know, that kite is no longer applicable. Netflix tells Polygon that they are sorry that Telltale is closing its doors and that the developer is finishing Minecraft: Story Mode, but that the streaming service is looking at other options to enable Stranger Things to be created in an interactive way.

The launch trailer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is here

October 12 is just a few weeks away, but that doesn’t stop Activision from releasing the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launch trailer right now. Why not?

It is a so-called gameplay launch trailer, so a trailer that consists of gameplay only. Incidentally, very cinematic gameplay. With some images, the Guard can hardly imagine that it is pure gameplay – although the cutscenes in Call of Duty are of course also made with the in-game engine.

Either way, there is more than enough spectacle in the trailer. In addition to the multiplayer and Zombies mode, Black Ops 4 also includes Blackout, the battle royale mode that was received quite enthusiastically in the beta recently. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from October 12th.

Watching animals with Red Dead Redemption 2

The Night Watch started with Red Dead Redemption 2 and ends with it. Below you will find a number of screenshots of various animals in the western game. According to Rockstar, there are more than 200 different animal species in RDR2, and they all interact in a virtual ecosystem. On October 26, you can go on the hunt yourself – if you don’t get hunted yourself – because then the game will be released on PS4 and Xbox One.