Red Dead Redemption 2: upgrade warehouse and unlock leather working tool

The camp is your central point of contact in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here you can meet all the members of Dutch’s gang, take on missions, eat from the stew, get a nap, donate supplies and do many other things. So that Arthur and his troop are doing as well as possible, you should start doing this as soon as possible To improve camp. As a result, you not only increase the general well-being of the troop, but also receive numerous improvements and bonuses.

There are upgrades in different categories: You can increase your medicine, ammunition and food supplies. In addition, there are even less specific improvements for which you find the extraordinarily useful one Unlock leather working tool can. By the way, you can see how good (or bad) your respective supplies are with the help of the symbols in the warehouse. If one of them is red, the supplies of the corresponding resource are slowly running out. White symbols stand for sufficient reserves, gold symbols for maximum capacity.

But how do you even get access to all of these warehouse improvements in Red Dead Redemption 2? Very simple: In the course of the second chapter, you will activate the control book at the warehouse cash register (recognizable by the money case symbol). There you can make improvements to the warehouse for fixed sums, which give you various advantages and obtain larger cars. So from now on you can store more and above all higher quality ammunition, food and medicine, which you can also refill at any time for a small fee. In addition, there are additional advantages such as the previously missing fast travel function.

In this guide you will therefore find a complete overview of all improvements, including their prices and bonuses.

Flip through the different pages of the control book in the warehouse to choose the right improvement.

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Medicines – Strauss’ car

Good Mr. Strauss stores all of the gang’s medical supplies. If you only find simple active ingredients here at the beginning, you can unlock some of the strongest tonic in the game through later improvements.

  • Basics – available from the start of the game

    Bonus: simple alcohol, medicines and bitters

  • Sharpen the Senses – $ 30

    Bonus: snake oil (replenishes Dead Eye) and bitters (replenishes stamina)

  • Something with a shot – $ 50
    Bonus: high quality alcohol and tonic
  • That good time – $ 75
    Bonus: stronger herbs and tonics
  • Supplies – Pearson’s car

    Appropriately, you can inspect your food supplies at the proper Pearson. Especially in the event that you have already removed Strauss’ car, you can neglect this one. It makes more sense (especially in the early stages of the game) to either improve the supplies or the medicines. Since both have very similar functions, it is only partially worthwhile to upgrade both.

  • Essentials – available from the start of the game
    Bonus: basics, bread, and cookies
  • Less boring – $ 30
    Bonus: fresh fruit and simple canned goods
  • Right variety – $ 45
    Bonus: chewing tobacco and premium canned food
  • Let’s treat ourselves to something! – $ 55
    Bonus: cocaine gum and candy
  • Most expansions add higher quality items to your inventory.

    Guns & Ammunition, Arthur’s Car

    Unless you’re blasting every character you run along and regularly picking up the ammunition of defeated opponents, you should almost never complain about a shortage of ammunition. For this reason, it is not necessary to upgrade Arthur’s car too early.

  • Just start – available from the start of the game
    Bonus: revolver and pistol ammunition
  • Upgrade Attack – $ 60
    Bonus: repeating rifle ammunition and arrows
  • Real firepower – $ 90
    Bonus: throwing knives, shotgun and rifle ammunition
  • Now’s the time to have fun – $ 110
    Bonus: incendiary devices, high-speed and repeating rifle ammunition
  • Accommodation and other storage improvements to the control book

    Upgrading your home gives you some of the most convenient bonuses around. The third level in particular is extremely useful, as you unlock the fast travel card there, with which you can finally save yourself numerous long walks or rides.

  • Temporary accommodation – available from the start of the game
    Bonus: tent cloth and old fur to warm up
  • One at a time – $ 220
  • The next please – $ 325
    Bonus: care products and a fast travel card
  • For all! – $ 300
    Bonus: Improves all other accommodations and increases the general mood in the camp
  • Horse station – $ 300

    Bonus: Bring your horses to you from stables or call your horse back to camp.

    Chicken Coop – $ 175

    Bonus: All stews from the warehouse get something nutritious and grant a dead-eye boost.

    Leather Working Tool – $ 225

    Bonus: This allows Pearson to make further improvements.

    Boat – $ 450 (only from Chapter 4)

    Bonus: Easy transportation and access to fishing spots.

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