Social networks (almost) always copy each other. And this “new” feature being tested at instagram is the proof. Indeed, users will soon be able to re-share the publications of other Internet users more easily.

Instagram users can already freely share the post of another person registered on the social network. Except that for now, shared posts only appear in Story. But like Facebook and Twitter, the photo sharing service will soon offer a button dedicated to sharing posts and the limitation mentioned above will disappear on this occasion.

Finally, a more social network?

Supporting photo, Matt Navarra noticed the addition of a “reposts” section on certain Instagram profiles. For now, the function is only in the testing phase. By using a dedicated button, we will be able to add a user’s post directly to our feed and no longer exclusively in story.

A Meta spokeswoman clarified her company’s intent with the upcoming rollout of this new capability.

“We are exploring the possibility of re-sharing posts in Feed – similar to Stories – so people can share what resonates with them and the original creators are credited for their work. »

The American firm plans to launch tests via “a small group of people” very soon.

Instagram: You could soon repost a publication

Instagram is innovating, or at least would perhaps be inspired by what is done on other social networks. Indeed, the American firm is preparing to test the repost of publications. So you could repost a friend’s photo so that it appears on your wall.

Although it’s still in the testing phase, sharing a post isn’t new to Instagram. At present it is already possible to share anyone’s post in story (as a reminder, visible only for 24 hours) or in private message directly to a friend or a group of friends. With this new option, the sharing would then be done directly on your Instagram wall.

Instagram is testing a feature to repost posts and stories

Republishing of content soon possible on Instagram

In detail, the arrival of this feature should be in the coming weeks, after a test phase conducted with some users.

In detail, a spokesperson for Meta explained: “We are exploring the possibility of re-sharing posts in the News Feed – similar to how you can re-share Stories – so that people can share what resonates with them, and that the original creators are credited for their work”.

Just prior to this post, social media consultant Matt Nevarra discovered this new Instagram repost feature. We thus discovered via a screenshot that a new icon took place under the tab of the collections of stories.

A second image showed that the feature allowed to:

  • Recommend a post that your friends might like by posting it in the news feed or in a story;
  • Start a conversation with your followers, who can respond to your repost with a message;
  • Reposts in News Feed are displayed in a separate tab on your profile. People who follow you can see them.

Instagram will soon test a repost feature

A repost function could soon appear on Instagram. Indeed, tests will be carried out so that this functionality is accessible to all. The repost function is well known on Facebook and Twitter. Now, Instagram joins these two apps. This feature might appeal to more than one of us.

The arrival of this new feature was spotted by Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, for the first time on the profile of Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Twitter. Very quickly, Instagram confirmed the news.

A new organization of the application

With the arrival of this feature, some changes could follow. Thus, a new screen will allow access to this space and to see all the activities related to the repost: conversations, publications, shares. To put it simply, there will be a new tab, separate from your profile, where you will find tagged posts and photos, and all of this will be visible to your followers.

For information, since 2018, reposts are available, but only through third-party applications. It is in response to an introduction of the repost functionality at TikTok that Instagram is also starting to test this function.

Instagram wants to compete against TikTok

For more innovations, Instagram recently introduced several updates. But in reality, this is a ruse to compete with TikTok. For example, the full screen mode, just like at TikTok, was launched, which made it possible to increase the amount of visible content. But due to several complaints, including from several celebrities, Instagram decided to phase it out, and thus pledged to reduce recommended posts.

The arrival of the repost functionality is therefore apprehended. Indeed, similar issues could occur as it is a competition between Instagram and TikTok. Moreover, the arrival of these multiple features could harm Instagram’s current model, according to social media experts.

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