Resident Evil 3, Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise Preorders Boost Capcom’s Revenue Forecast

Capcom is in a sweet spot, following the bestsellers of Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Monster Hunter Rise pre-orders.

It’s no secret that Capcom lived some complicated years before launching such successful games as Monster Hunter World or Resident Evil 7, but luckily it has regained its splendor and is in top financial shape for the new fiscal year, which begins in April of this 2021.

The reason? Well, basically, that Monster Hunter World follows sweeping sales for PS4, Xbox One and PC, thanks to the expansion IceborneNot to mention the numerous pre-orders for the imminent Monster Hunter World Rise, which will debut on Nintendo Switch on March 26th. But there is more …

And it is that, although Resident Evil 3 Remake has not achieved the success in sales of Resident Evil 2 Remake, it has contributed to the good financial situation of Capcom with its 3 million copies sold. The company’s Shareholders’ Meeting expects to end this fiscal year with some more than good results.

Specific, Capcom expects to end this fiscal year (March 31) with net sales that mean $ 889 million from income, 8.2% more than in the previous year, and a net disposition of 203 million, what is a 16.7% higher than it was at the end of last fiscal year.

” We have seen solid support with the new title Resident Evil 3, along with continued growth in high-margin catalog titles with long sales cycles, such as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which was launched the previous fiscal year, ” says the latest report from Capcom.

The good sales of Monster Hunter World Iceborne and Resident Evil 3 allow Capcom face the new fiscal year with optimism, which will prelude the launch of Monster Hunter Rise. Nor can we forget about Resident Evil 8 Village, which will arrive this year on consoles and PC.

A few months ago, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter World exceeded 16 million copies sold, which together with the almost 5 million Iceborne make a total of more than 21 million of games sold. Monster Hunter Rise for Switch is expected to repeat the success of these installments.

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” In addition, Monster Hunter Rise pre-orders, a major new title scheduled for release in March this year, are off to a promising start. Taken together, this has led us to expect this project to exceed our expectations. ”

As for Resident Evil, we are very aware of the Resident Evil Showcase tonight (at 11pm). To date, Resident Evil 7 remains the best-selling of the series, with almost 8 million copies, and follows him very closely Resident Evil 2 Remake with 7.2 million.

Source: VideoGamesChronicle