Insulting comments on Return of Monkey Island: “the joy of sharing has been taken away from me”

“I close the comments. People are just being mean and I have to delete the personal attack comments”.

“It’s an incredible game and everyone in the team is very proud of it. Play it or not, but don’t spoil it for everyone else. I will no longer post messages about the game. I have been taken away from the joy of sharing.”

For fans of Ron Gilbert’s work, the graphics of this Return to Monkey Island are no surprise. We can thus remember that in 2013, the creator had joined forces with Tim Schafer to lay The Cave, with a visual style very close to that which awaits us with the new adventures of Gyubrush Threepwood.

It should be noted that Ron Gilbert left LuscasArts in 1995 and therefore did not participate in the development of The Curse of Monkey Island (1997), Escape from Monkey Island (2000) and Tales of Monkey Island (2009). Return to Monkey Island will therefore be its third brand in the history of the license.

Return to Monkey Island: a first gameplay trailer full of nostalgia

Return to Monkey Island unveils a first gameplay trailer. A good dose of nostalgia and references to previous games.

When Return to Monkey Island will arrive this year, players will finally be able to uncover the secret of Monkey Island. This is announced by series creator Ron Gilbert in the latest trailer for the game, which was shown during the last Nintendo Direct. “My name is Guybrush Threepwood, and this is the story of when I finally discovered the secret of Monkey Island,” can be heard via actor Dominic Armato’s voice at the start of the video.

Return to Monkey Island unveils a first gameplay trailer

As you can imagine, this trailer is full of references to previous Monkey Island games, including some of the franchise’s best gags. At one point Guybrush drops to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea and a sign for Monkey Island can be seen, just a six minute walk away. A good thing that our hero can hold his breath for 10 minutes.

A good dose of nostalgia and references to previous opuses

Many fan-favorite characters also make an appearance in this video. In particular, we can see the trader Stan S. Stanman, stuck in the prison of the LeChuck boat. And you can actually chat with Stan on the Return to Monkey Island website, the man explains that he’s in jail for “marketing offences”, which, it seems, include the sale of non-fungible tokens.

If you missed the news last April, Return to Monkey Island marks Ron Gilbert’s return to the series he created in the late 1980s. Ron Gilbert wrote and directed The Secret of Monkey Island and was going to work on the second game before leaving. Veteran Dave Grossman is also working on this new game, which will take place after the first two games. On consoles, Return to Monkey Island will first come to Nintendo Switch.

Returnal to Monkey Island: Ron Gilbert Explodes Over Art Style Criticism

“You took away the joy of sharing anything. With these words full of sadness, Ron Gilbert was referring to the very destructive returns of the last days around Return to Monkey Island. The game’s new visual finish, different from the rest of Guybrush and LeChuck’s adventures, has once again exposed the pot of essences and brought out the worst in people online. In his personal blog, the creator echoed the situation and claims to have reached his limit.

“I will close the blog comments. People are meaner and I’m sick of deleting personal attacks,” Gilbert wrote. “Return to Monkey Island is an amazing game and everyone on the team is so proud of it. Play it or don’t play it, but stop spoiling it for others. I won’t write about the game anymore. You took the joy out of sharing anything.”

When Yoda said fear leads to anger, anger to hate, hate to pain, and that to the dark side, the Jedi master forgot another ingredient in the equation: nostalgia. Blinded by her, Gilbert’s blog comments don’t hesitate to crucify the art section of Return to Mokey Island, first directed by Rex Crowle.

“Rex’s creative force is incredible,” Ron Gilbert has repeated more than once in the past in defense. “And alongside it is an equally incredible team of artists, animators, sound designers, programmers and testers who put their souls into the game. A game that will be beautiful to watch, play and listen to.” . »

Switch exclusive and with demo

It’s sad that the spotlight is on this kind of commentary and not the fact that 30 years later, Ron Gilbert and the original crew are back to complete the Monkey Island story. Over the past few hours, we’ve also learned that the game will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive on consoles, and a demo of sorts is already available as a mini-game. As hilarious as one would expect. Return to Monkey Island will arrive in 2022 on a date yet to be determined.

Disgusted by ‘toxic fans’, Ron Gilbert won’t talk about Return to Monkey Island anymore

The announcement of Return to Monkey Island got a round of applause from old LucasArts game fans, but very quickly some criticism was made on the choice to take Rex Crowle to the design (formerly of Media Molecule), and we could have left it at that if some had shown a little less cons than in the rest of their existence.

Because Ron Gilbert had already taken the stand to defend Crowle and explain why the franchise did not want to return to 3D, nor fall stupidly into the “old-school” of old 2D pixels.

But that wasn’t enough and while the whole team is on fire to lay the long-awaited resurrection, the same increasingly harsh criticisms until falling into direct insults have disgusted Ron Gilbert who has just announced on his blog, while praising his colleagues, that he will no longer post the slightest comment on social networks, and that if the marketing team will continue to do their job while waiting for the release at the end of the year (PC, Switch ), on a personal level, he no longer has the slightest passion for sharing information.

Return to Monkey Island: Why the latest gameplay trailer is a disappointment

Guybrush Threepwood is a legend. Wobbly pirate in his state’s history, in just two games released in the early 90s, The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, Guybrush has become an icon in the gaming world. At the same time, it crowned its creator, Ron Gilbert, with glory, hoisted to the rank of star of the JV world, if such status existed at that time.

Gilbert was one of the strong men of LucasArts, already a director of the cult Maniac Mansion. He revisited the myths of piracy with an absurd and quirky humor à la Monty Python to give birth to Monkey Island. But after two brilliant opuses, Ron Gilbert preferred to leave the ship, leaving Guybrush orphan for the rest of his adventures: The Curse of Monkey Island released in 1997 and Escape from Monkey Island in 2000.

Telltale Games (The Walking Dead) even split a Tales of Monkey Island in 2009, episodic game which wanted to bring a conclusion to the saga. Since then, Guybrush had been missing.

The first reason for the disappointment comes from the somewhat misleading announcement: “gameplay trailer”. The trailer is more of a compilation of cutscene clips. The only times Guybrush can be seen moving around are barely a few seconds long.

It is possible that the point’n’click gameplay will be retained for the PC version of the title, and that the home console versions will benefit from gameplay where the joystick / directional pad directs the main character directly, as in a classic RPG , or like the work that was done on the console port of Grim Fandango. The recently released trailer unfortunately does not shed any light on this point.

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