[REVIEW] : 5 tips on what not to do when buying headphones (over-ear) or headphones

1 – Don’t buy headphones with imitation leather ear cushions.

It is important to choose headphones (over the ears) or headphones with ear cushions (cushions or pads) that are made of the “right material” when purchasing them, as this will influence wear, comfort and durability. Those in pvc/pu that imitate leather generally peel off over time, in addition to giving a greater feeling of warmth. While this material is good at helping to isolate outside noise, it blocks airflow, leaving your ears clogged and in the process causing you to sweat. Sweat is acidic and will corrode the material of the ear pads (cushion or pads).

The ideal material for ear pads (cushions or pads) for headphones (over the ears) or earbuds to last longer and be comfortable to wear for hours is fabric (smooth sport or velour). When the ear cushions (cushions or pads) are made of fabric, the ears generally do not heat up as much as those made of pvc/pu which imitate leather. In addition, the fabric pads do not peel off and can be washed, eliminating dust and sweat. Find out in our article how to wash and disinfect them properly.

2- Do not buy headphones with a cable and fixed ear pads (cushions or pads)

The parts that wear the most in a headset (over-ear) and in a headset are the ear pads (cushions or pads) and the cables. If you want your headphones to last a long time, avoid buying models that don’t have a removable cable and earpads. Headphones without detachable cables or ear pads basically have an “expiration date”.

3 – Do not buy a Bluetooth headset with a built-in microphone (headset)

Bluetooth headsets (headsets with built-in microphone) deteriorate the sound quality when using the microphone in game chats, calls and video calls. It doesn’t matter if you are using a mobile phone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet. When activating the microphone of a Bluetooth headset, you degrade the audio quality.

The reason for this is the availability of Bluetooth bandwidth to perform two actions at the same time: receiving (headset) and sending (microphone) audio signals. To try and maintain overall quality, manufacturers most often end up sacrificing microphone bandwidth, leaving most of it for headphone or TWS headphone audio.

4 – Don’t buy 5.1 or 7.1 channel headphones.

Many believe that to achieve better spatiality and sound separation in games or competitive movies, it is good that the headset (over the ear) or headset has 5.1/7.1 multi-channel surround sound. However, in order to be able to accurately “see” the sounds in the game environment, it is not necessary to use multi-channel surround technologies.

In a good stereo headset (2.0), the greater its spatiality, the easier it will be to have the notion of distance between you and the enemies of the game, because it will be possible to delimit how far the sound propagates. With that in mind, you’ll likely get better sound separation (in music called instrument separation), which will make it easier to perceive the direction a particular sound is coming from.

The better this item, the greater the perception of positioning and, therefore, there will be better accuracy.

5 – Don’t buy a USB headset.

A headset (over-ear) or gaming headset with a USB cable is limited to what the manufacturer has designed, which makes it impossible to significantly improve its performance. This is due to the fact that when using a digital cable, it is necessary to set up a signal converter, the DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). By board, in addition to the addition of a DAC, an amplifier is always necessary, because the signal must necessarily be amplified for the membrane of the headphones to move.

When adding a DAC and an amp in the USB cable or in the headphone body, there is no guarantee that the components and the project will be of poor quality, after all, it increases the final cost of the headphone. For this reason, it’s best to buy headphones with a 3.5mm or 6.35mm analog jack, which allows connection to a quality amplifier or a better-designed DAC/integrated amp solution. This will allow you to get the most out of what the headset has to offer.

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