[REVIEW] : Among Us: a collaboration with Halo teased in image

Players will be able to disguise themselves as the Master Chief, but the Spartan’s armor won’t stop back blows.

Among Us may not be in the headlines as much as it was two years ago, but InnerSloth’s multiplayer game continues to entertain many gamers and the developers regularly offer additional content, including costumes in collaboration with other licenses.

After Ghostface, the killer of the Scream movies, it is obviously the most famous armored soldier in the video game world who will invite himself into Among Us. InnerSloth indeed shared an image of the game with a character dressed as Master Chief and using the pseudonym Spartan117a collaboration with Microsoft and its Halo franchise seems obvious.

Between the game Halo Infinite and the series which is a hit on Paramount+, it must be said that Halo is more popular than ever, and we should find the Master Chief, or at least his costume, very soon in Among Us. As a reminder, the game is available on PC, Switch, iOS, Android, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the Crewmate Edition physical version is sold for €32.99 on Amazon.

Among Us: The Master Chief will also hunt down imposters!


Features new roles and a new map Over the course of updates, Among Us has long been an opportunity for streamers to come together for long evenings together. Since then, the title has lost many players, but continues its merry way without incident. We hadn’t had any particular news since November and the addition of the Scientist, the Engineer, the Guardian Angel and the Metamorph, but here he is back with a teaser that seems to announce a partnership with Microsoft.


The official Twitter account of the game has indeed posted a tweet in which we can see a Master Chief skin, accompanied by 343 Guitly Spark. The legend says that Halo must be careful, because the imposters are coming… very soon. We are still awaiting the details, the official announcement, and the launch date of this partnership, but all this seems to be relatively close from U.S.

After the spartan boots sold in limited quantities by Wolverine and the launch of the Halo series on Paramount+ (and which has already broken all platform records, the license of Bungie and then of SamaGame will therefore once again invite yourself elsewhere! Among Us is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as in Xbox Game Pass.


Having met with real success only two years after its release, Among Us still delights players as much as ever. Available on most gaming platforms, the title of InnerSloth is, today, at the heart of video game news sincea new crossover seems to be in the works.

Indeed, very recently, the game’s official Twitter account posted a tweet hinting at the arrival of the Halo’s Master Chief on the game. On the image accompanying this teaser, we can actually see a skin using the Master Chief’s color codes and armor.

The announcement is quite short and vague since the developers are content to challenge the Halo account, writing: “Watch out Halo. The impostor is coming for you…very soon”. The Xbox Twitter account, moreover, responded to this announcement with a touch of humor by saying: “Master Chief, could you explain to us what you are doing on this ship? “.

Unfortunately, the developers at InnerSloth did not give more details about this crossover. Therefore, we do not yet know the date of arrival of this possible skin on Among Us, which should be done within a few days.

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    • Standard Edition → €3.85 instead of €3.99, i.e. 4% reduction.

Among Us x Halo, the Master Chief soon available?

A Master Chief skin coming to Among Us?

A real social phenomenon for several months, Among Us continues to evolve. First present on PC and smartphone, the title is now available on many media, including Xbox consoles. The game has also integrated the Game Pass catalog and the collaboration between Xbox and Innersloth could continue.

A Halo skin for Among us?

If your character can be customized in Among Us, it seems that the developers want to add some new skins. And the game’s official Twitter account seems to be teasing the arrival of a skin for an iconic character on the Xbox side: Master Chief!