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Buying Apple products on Allo Allo is the guarantee of having the best prices on the market. All iPhones, AirPods and iPads sold on the site are Apple-certified, refurbished with original parts. You are guaranteed to have a new battery and one totally new look. In the event of a problem, a single point of contact from the after-sales service will be there to assist you. All products are guaranteed for up to 3 years.

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Allo Allo has decided to spoil you by selling the best of Apple technology at bargain prices. L’iPhone 11 has everything to please you: improved battery life compared to its predecessors, a high-end design, identical power to the Pro version with an A13 Bionic processor and a price of €359.90. On the photo side, you can take 4K shots, just that. If you have a budget of around 250€, you will have the choice between two models, theiPhone X and iPhone XR. These are two recent smartphones at the price of a low cost model, impossible to miss this offer. On the one hand the iPhone X with its retro design, A11 Bionic chip, beautiful visual rendering with a screen that occupies 82% of the front face and on the other hand the iPhone XR, more powerful with the A12 Bionic chip, an innovative photo mode with intelligent HDR functionality and its LCD screen. Finally, for a completely reduced price, Allo Allo is selling theiPhone 8 which is displayed at €159.90. This is a golden opportunity to acquire a product with Apple technology.

Allo Allo offers other Apple products. You will have the choice between different models ofAirPods to take advantage of its bluetooth technology and noise reduction mode. The first version is at 99.90€. If you want to enjoy your favorite entertainment on a bigger screen, the iPad 6 is for you: A10 chip, large 10.5-inch LCD screen, Pro Motion and Apple Pencil compatibility.

Top 5 refurbished Apple products at bargain prices Allo Allo

iPhone and AirPods discounted

You will find the best of the range Apple at Hello Hello. LiPhone X is on sale at €249.90, it’s impossible to miss this offer, it will suit you perfectly. For around 250€, you will have the chance to have a recent iPhone at the price of a mid-range smartphone, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Nostalgic design for this iPhone model, it has features of the very first iPhone 3G combined with the glass faces of the iPhone 4 and the curves of the iPhone 5. The best-selling smartphone in the world in 2019, theiPhone XR is available at €259.99. Elegant design, quality camera and autonomy, it offers great performance thanks to the A12 Bionic super chip. For less than 360€, you have the possibility to buy theiPhone 11, a latest generation smartphone, very resistant, equipped with a superb camera, which you will keep for several years without problem. Then, for the price of a low cost smartphone, you have the possibility of acquiring theiPhone 8, condition as new and battery in excellent condition. Allo Allo guarantees performance similar to an Apple store purchase. To listen to your music perfectly, the airpods with their charging box are super reduced at only € 99.90, it’s rare and therefore to be seized urgently. Real success since their launch, the headphones of the brand with the big apple do not stop improving and being at the cutting edge of technology.

A cheap quality iPhone? Hello? Hello !

Hello Hello it’s the leader in the sale of refurbished products in line. You can enjoy refurbished Apple products at low prices. By buying a refurbished product, you are giving a second life to an existing product, these are savings for you and an eco-responsible gesture.

The company is focused on product quality, it uses original parts to repackage its products. Customer satisfaction is Allo Allo’s priority, which is why there is an after-sales service for all products and shipping is free internationally.


Allo Allo offers you a wide choice of refurbished iPhones: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12. If you want the most recent version, opt for iPhone 12 Pro Max, the photo performance is simply spectacular. It has 3 sensors that will guarantee an optimal result. It is on sale at €929.90 instead of €1,259. NextiPhone 12 Blue 64GB, offered at €629.90 instead of €909. Ultra powerful, it is equipped with the A14 bionic chip. It has an OLED screen, you will love the visual quality of this smartphone.

If you have a smaller budget, you will also find what you are looking for on Allo Allo. L’iPhone 8 is € 159.90, the price you will pay for an entry-level phone, but taking advantage of Apple technology. For higher-end models, theiPhone X and iPhone XR are reduced to €249.90 and €259.90. They feature the edgeless OLED display and Face ID facial recognition. Finally, for a complete and affordable smartphone, the iPhone is at €359.90 instead of €809, a reduction of more than 50% for a recent model considered to be one of the best on the market.

Allo Allo does not only sell phones, many accessories such as bluetooth headphones are also available. To listen to music with your iPhone, nothing better than AirPods. For less than 100€, you can offer yourself a top product that will serve for years.

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A wide choice of iPhone with Allo Allo

the excellent iPhone 12 Pro Max, the latest generation model, is €929.90 instead of €1,259. It is visually impressive: 6.7-inch OLED HDR 60Hz screen, triple photo sensor with ultra wide-angle and telephoto for optimal results. The photo performance of this model is simply spectacular. It also features the 5G-enabled A14 Bionic super chip to give you unique power. Allo Allo also offers many iPhones at a smaller price. First, the very comprehensive iPhone 11 is €359.90 instead of €809: quality design with an LCD screen, powerful with the A13 Bionic chip, battery that lasts all day, 4k images thanks to the camera, it’s a very good plan . For the price of an entry-level smartphone, you can opt for a iPhone XR at €259.90 or a iPhone X at €249.90. Released on the same date, the two Apple phones have similar performance. If you are more interested in photo performance, turn to the iPhone X which has a dual lens. But if you are looking for more power, then you will have to choose the iPhone XR which also has a larger screen. Allo Allo offers quality smartphones at all prices. This is the case with the iPhone which is displayed at €159.90. Excellent value for money for this model that can be stored easily with its size of less than 5 inches.