[REVIEW] : Apple is about to unveil a new iPhone for less than 300 euros

The next iPhone SE could well land this year and for the modest sum of 300 euros. A news that should delight users of the apple brand.

Apple would indeed be preparing a new SE smartphone that would revolutionize the market. This new version would be as powerful as the others but with a much more attractive price.

Two years ago, Apple presented its iPhone SE 2020. Its old-fashioned design and formidable power seduced the brand’s users. It is possible that this 2022 version will also be presented during an Apple keynote on March 8, even if nothing is confirmed yet.

For several months, specialists in the tech world have been giving this new model many features, including a new design thanks to the arrival of 5G, a larger and borderless screen, but also more power. This new iPhone should be called “iPhone SE+5G” indicates Ross Young, known for his reliable information on new technologies. It would have an improved camera, as well as an A15 Bionic chip from Apple. The same that is currently in the iPhone 13.

The particularity of this iPhone will indeed be its price. It will be sold for the modest sum of 300 dollars or approximately 270 euros. A price much lower than its competitors like Xiomi or Realme. Several colors would also be on the program in order to seduce the greatest number.

Nothing is sure yet regarding the release date of this new device. If it was initially announced at the end of March-April 2022, it should then be available in stride. Apple’s year promises to be loaded with a list of novelties concerning the iPhone, the MacBook and potentially virtual reality headsets.

When you wear your Apple Watch during a sports session, do you also take your iPhone?

While the Apple Watch still requires an iPhone in 2022, Apple has long sought to make its watch less reliant on a smartphone. We first saw the appearance of an independent application store, while the programs gradually became less dependent on the iPhone. Cupertino has added several apps to avoid having to take out your phone, and since watchOS 7, it is possible to pair several watches to a single iPhone for users without a phone. If the Apple Watch offers a whole lot of information even when an iPhone is not nearby, it is not a panacea: rare are the contexts where the tocante is sufficient on its own.

Applications dedicated to sport are not necessarily there on the Apple Watch. For Exercises, new features are coming in a trickle while the interface has hardly changed since the beginning of the project. If there are a few big names, watchOS apps are too often the last wheel of the carriage, especially since Apple has taken its time before simplifying the lives of developers. For users, this translates to a meager app store.


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The iPhone 12 also sees its price plunge

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