[REVIEW] : Apple launches new silver and black Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse

Apple has launched new silver and black accessories for the Mac, with new silver and black Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse now available to order through the Apple Store online after announcing the all-new Mac Studio and Studio Display today, which these new accessories have been designed to complement.

Although designed for Mac Studio and Studio Display, the silver and black Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse work with all Mac models. Apple offers its new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and numeric keypad for $199, the Magic Trackpad for $49, and the matching Magic Mouse for $99.

Apple again offers its Magic peripherals in black

To accompany the new Mac Studio and especially the new Studio Display screen presented last night, Apple is once again offering its Magic peripherals in black. Unlike older models of the iMac Pro that dropped from sale last year, which featured a black surface on a space gray chassis, Apple has kept a silver chassis here for a more striking contrast.

Apple has also retained its unpleasant habit of selling its peripherals more expensively when they are available in black (it’s classier, you see). The Magic Trackpad is thus at €155 instead of €135, the Magic Mouse at €109 instead of €85, and the extended Magic Keyboard with Touch ID at €205 instead of €185. These three new devices can be ordered today for first deliveries by the end of the week.

New color for Apple Magic Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse

With the introduction of Mac Studio and Apple Studio Display, the California firm has decided to give the public a new color for Apple’s Magic keyboard, trackpad and mouse. In particular, we are talking about the popular Space Gray color, already seen with the previous generation of Mac accessories, and notably introduced for the first time with the iMac Pro.

As for the Magic Keyboard, in a non-extended version, Apple offered many other colors all available through the purchase of the iMac M1. The color of the keyboard that comes in the package perfectly matches that of the chassis of the device. In this case, the Space Gray coloring is certainly not new to the market, but it is designed for use with the new Apple devices that have just been presented.

All three devices cost a bit more than their respective white versions. In particular, the Magic Keyboard costs €205, the Magic Trackpad €155 and the Magic Mouse €109. They are all already officially available for purchase on the Apple Store. The difference compared to the variants in classic white is around €20 for each product.

Apple is putting black back into its Magic for Mac peripherals

Apple has renewed its “Magic” peripherals for Mac, with the return of the black color for some. Apple had withdrawn these variations from the catalog last May. There are some differences however. Visual change first. For the trackpad and the mouse, the chassis retain the silver tone instead of being grayed out like the first generations. Then, all these peripherals now come with a braided Lightning/USB-C cable. Only the old extended keyboard without Touch ID continues to include the lightning/USB-A cable.

What does not change is this bad habit of charging more for the black versions, they are 20 € more. Finally a reminder, Touch ID keyboards are only of interest with Macs with Apple processors.

  • Magic Keyboard at 109 €
  • Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad at 135 €
  • Magic Keyboard with Touch ID at 159 €
  • Magic Keyboard Touch ID with numeric keypad at €185 with white keys and €205 with black keys.
  • Magic Mouse 2 in white color at €85 and black color at €109 (price unchanged)
  • Magic Trackpad 2 in white color at 135 € and black color at 155 € (159 € previously)