[REVIEW] : Apple Studio Display Teardown: Inside Looks Like an iMac

A resemblance between the Studio Display and the iMac

The interior of the Studio Display includes the A13 chip, speakers, and fans. iFixit employees were also questioned about this disassembled product (without knowing what it was) to determine if they had an iMac or a Studio Display in front of them. Many of them thought it was an iMac.

The Studio Display opens using an iMac opening tool, allowing easy access to the components inside. The webcam present is almost identical to the front photo sensor found on the iPhone 11 (the poor quality will be corrected with an update). Also, the Studio Display uses the exact same screen as the iMac 5K and has an internal power supply, which is an impressive technical feat according to iFixit. The internal power supply differentiates the Studio Display from the iMac as it requires massive fans for heat dissipation and an approximately 50% thicker chassis.

For their part, the speakers are “impressive for a screen” according to iFixit. Moreover, they are difficult to remove and therefore to repair. The screen’s overall build is “impressive testimony to Apple’s problem-solving ability,” the repairman adds.