[REVIEW] : Bar, restaurant, climbing wall… a ghost metro station transformed into Seine-Saint-Denis

A ghost station

SK Station was built in the 1990s and was to connect the Noisy-le-Grand-Mont-d’Est RER station to the “Maille Horizon” business district. Except that the district has never seen the light of day and the station is abandoned, without ever having been put into service.

For onlookers, it’s hard to imagine the 2,500 m² which extend under their feet when they cross the slab of the commune of Paris, at the exit of the station RER Noisy-le-Grand – Mont-d’Est. Today, it is accessed by a condemned door, at the level of the disused bus station. In the entrance, an old ticket machine – in francs! – still stands. In the basement, the cabins have become canvases for graffiti artists.

Bar, restaurant and cultural and leisure spaces

Six years later, the project is ready to be launched. Nothing is defined yet but the vast spaces of the resort leave room for creativity. In all, eight spaces could make up “Station K” and should offer an offer ranging from catering to leisure, including sports activities.

At level -2, a vast cathedral space could accommodate a climbing wall. “The climbing wall, I want it,” insists Brigitte Marsigny. 10 meters high, the space could accommodate up to seven lanes. On the mezzanine, a brasserie could open onto the outside, with a large glass roof overlooking the lake. “The objective is for the place to live during the day, at night and on weekends”, explains Laurent Forêt.

A first “project intention” phase will be launched in April 2021 and three projects will be pre-selected at the end of May. Project leaders will then be able to consolidate their proposals, in dialogue with SOCAREN. The winning team of the call for projects will be designated in December 2022, for delivery of the project by 2026. “We have already been approached, but to carry out this heavy project, it is better to compose a group of various operators”, explains Laurent Forêt.

Neighborhood rehabilitation

The site should also be enhanced through the project of rehabilitation of the esplanade of the municipality of Paris and the Mont-d’Est district. The slabs and all concrete typical of the 1970s must give way to more trees and green spaces. “Station K is part of a larger project to renature the basins,” explains Laurent Forêt.

Along the basins, local shops and new restaurants will emerge “with a move upmarket”. “It became urgent to rework the space and make it a new urban place”. Access to RER Avia the disused bus station, will be reworked and a breakthrough in the slab will bring light to the space that is dismal today.

Before that, the inhabitants of Noisy-le-Grand will be invited, in September 2022, to discover the site one last time before its transformation during an open house weekend.