Blackmagic Design will soon release a new high-performance network attached storage solution. Does the design of the Blackmagic Cloud Store ring a bell? It’s normal, the manufacturer has reused the case of its eGPU designed in partnership with Apple. So even if your Apple Silicon Mac is incompatible with eGPUs, you can have this metal tower on your desk. Finally, you still need it.

The Blackmagic Cloud Store is aimed at the film and television industry. Its components like its connectors have nothing to do with the eGPU which contained an AMD card. The new product embeds several M.2 flash memory cards configured in RAID 5 for 20, 80 or 320 TB of storage in total.

This storage can be shared between several users thanks to state-of-the-art connectivity: four 10G Ethernet ports (usable independently or aggregated to have 40G), two 1G Ethernet ports, two USB-C ports compatible with Ethernet over USB, an HDMI output for monitoring and a standard power outlet. Users can also set up a local Dropbox cache.

The eGPU dedicated to BlackMagic’s Intel Macs has not been updated for years, but the manufacturer seems to have found a new life for it: a large collaborative RAID!

Indeed, this new box is virtually identical to its external GPU, apart from a now very rich connection (and a very different use). The advantage of this design -apart from the look, which is rather nice- concerns the ventilation, which is very effective in a turret-format case.

Finally, for those who don’t necessarily have the budget for the big case, a Cloud Store Mini with 8TB of storage and 2 10G ports as well as a USB port that acts as a 10G adapter for non-equipped Macs, is sold for €2,655.

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