[REVIEW] : Buy the Xiaomi 11T 5G for just €129 with this 5G plan

Why is this mobile plan worth it?

This 5G package from Orange offers a data envelope of 130 GB in France. This volume of data drops to 100 GB in Europe and the overseas departments. With this package, you will also benefit from unlimited calls/SMS/MMS in France, Europe and the overseas departments.

The Xiaomi 11T is a premium mid-range smartphone. There is a 6.67-inch Amoled 120 Hz screen, a Dimensity 1200 supported by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, a triple 108 MP photo module and a 5000 mAh battery rechargeable at 120 W.

SFR 5G 150GB package: treat yourself to the Xiaomi 11T 5G for only 1 euro!

A smartphone worth €569 for just €1: this is the current offer designed by SFR for very high-speed mobile web enthusiasts. Treat yourself to a recent and powerful device combined with a 5G 150GB package and dive into a new dimension of the Internet from your smartphone.

It’s time to switch to 5G with SFR: the operator offers you the Xiaomi 11T 5G smartphone for just €1 with the SFR 150Go Go plan. Take advantage of a recent and powerful device at an ultra attractive price and benefit from a discount of €15/month for one year on the price of your plan.

Package with SFR 150GB mobile: treat yourself to the Xiaomi 11T 5G for only €1

If you are looking for an ambitious photophone, capable of taking photos and videos of professional quality and with good autonomy, you will necessarily be seduced by the Xiaomi 11T 5G. As always, the brand wants to offer a high-performance smartphone at the best price, and it’s succeeded with this model which offers great performance thanks to a processor that makes it fast and powerful. Take advantage of the best of 5G with an ultra-smooth 6.7-inch AMOLED widescreen device, which will give you the best rendering of your videos in HD or even in 4K.

Its triple photo sensor offers a 108Mp main lens coupled with an ultra wide angle and a telemacro, allowing you to take professional quality photos from any point of view and in any situation. Treat yourself to a device with a neat design all in curves and with impressive autonomy : the Xiaomi 11T 5G can last up to a day of intensive use without recharging and is equipped with a fast charging module that takes it from 0 to 100% battery in just one hour. Displayed alone at €569, the device is offered by SFR at just €1 with the 150GB 5G package.

Package with SFR 150GB mobile: €15 reduction for 1 year and a €1 smartphone

Get the most out of your Xiaomi 11T 5G with the SFR 150Go 5G plan. An ultra-generous data envelope allowing you to surf without counting and take advantage of the best of ultra-high speed: forget the loading times of your large files, live streams without fear of interruptions and spend hours in video with your loved ones on the go. other side of the world as if you were right next to them. The SFR 150GB 5G plan is intended for heavy mobile web consumers whose time is precious, and who want the best of technology.

Benefit from a reduction of €15/month the first year of your package: the SFR 150GB 5G package is displayed at €30/month for one year then €45/month the following months, with a 24-month commitment. For this rate, you will have access to an unlimited calls, SMS and MMS formula in France and to and from Europe, the overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra. Your package accompanies you on all your trips with a 5G data envelope of 100GB usable on these destinations, provided of course that you are in an area covered by this technology. SFR lowers the price of the Xiaomi 11T 5G with its 150GB package: the device is billed to you for €51 upon purchase and then €50 is then refunded to you.