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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit: from virtual to real

By using a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite console, it is possible to compete against opponents in races with a real kart. Players also have the possibility of creating all the circuits they can imagine by arranging the gates of the circuit at home. The game offers to race against the Terrors of Bowser during several Grand Prix to unlock circuit customization elements and costumes for Mario and Luigi, but also to play up to 4 in local multiplayer with each his Nintendo console Switch and its copy of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

The game offers many game modes:

  • Grand Prix: Use all your driving skills to defeat Bowser’s Terrors in eight Grand Prix courses with a total of 24 different courses.
  • Custom Race: This mode gives you even more creative possibilities by allowing you, in addition to drawing the course, to add obstacles, objects and more to bring truly unique creations to life.
  • Time trial: once you have created your circuit, set off to set the best time possible. It’s up to you to try to beat your personal best or, with your friends, take turns passing the console to try to be the one with the highest score.
  • Mirror mode: for those who like difficulty, this mode allows you to play on all Grand Prix circuits but in a reversed version. In other words, right turns will be left turns, and what seemed familiar to you before will immediately be much less so.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is quick to set up: at the start of a game, set up the four gantries in your home, then go through each of them with the kart to create the layout of the track. Once the circuit has been created, it’s time to do battle! In each race, famous objects from the series affect the physical kart, bringing a whole new dimension to the frenetic action of Mario Kart. For example, using a mushroom in the game will make the kart accelerate, and getting hit by a red shell will stop it in its tracks! The kart is designed to run on many types of flat indoor surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, tile and low pile carpet, so it is possible to combine several different types of surfaces on one track.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit includes a kart with Mario or Luigi as the driver, depending on which version you choose, as well as four gates, two arrow panels to improve your circuits, and a USB charging cable for the kart. The software can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop, and syncs with the physical kart.

Nintendo Announces New Course For Next Mario Kart Tour Update

So what’s next for Tour? Although it’s “a bit early”, the game’s official Twitter account has given a preview of what’s to come. The general consensus seems to be that Mario and the gang are going somewhere in the Netherlands – with Rosalina and Daisy in themed outfits.

We’re off to a flying start this afternoon with the Mario Kart Live Home circuit offer!

Mario Kart in real life and on Switch

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit invites you to drive a real toy karting in which Mario or Luigi is located (model of your choice). Just place the 4 checkpoints on the ground, draw your circuit on the console screen and go. Thanks to the 720p camera fixed on the vehicle, your living room becomes the track of the new Mario Kart tournament.

At the moment, you can choose to buy the Mario or Luigi model for just €58.99 at Cdiscount with free delivery to a pick-up point, or directly to your home if you are a CDAV member. Then all you have to do is take out the Switch and have fun in your living room!

Obstacle courses and family games

It is therefore a game that is done in two stages. The first is on the floor of your home. Prefer a flat and relatively hard floor, avoid rugs and carpets for example. Even if the karting delivered to play has real rubber wheels, it is better to play on hard.

Once configured, you must download the software to your Nintendo Switch console and pair the two. The panels delivered in the box are quickly put in place and you will be able to start riding very quickly. Just like in the classic Mario Kart, bonuses and objects appear on the screen. You can throw them to slow others down, but beware of the backlash.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit: the game on Switch is € 58.99 at Cdiscount

For this new good deal dedicated to the world of video games, Cdiscount offers its customers the opportunity to acquire Mario Kart Live Home Circuit under 59 euros.

Offered in its Mario or Luigi version, the video game available only on the Nintendo Switch console is exactly €58.99 by the French e-commerce site. It is rather a good price since the same game is sold elsewhere 20 euros more expensive (depending on the desired version of the game).

Released in the fall of 2020, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit invites the player to transform their living room into a world of lava where bananas and shells are exchanged to the rhythm of the roars of the engines of the kart, which is also real. For this, the player has gantries included in the pack in order to delimit the perimeter of the circuit, to choose the parameters of the race and to control his kart from his console. The kart actually reacts to objects that dot the circuit.