[REVIEW] : Crusader Kings III is coming to PS5 and Xbox

Paradox Interactive today announced that Crusader Kings III is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on March 29.

Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy game in which players control a medieval kingdom. It was released on PC in 2020. This type of menu-heavy game isn’t the kind you’d normally expect to get a PC port, but Paradox and the development team at Lab42 have been working to make the experience work. with the controllers.

This means redesigning the UI so players can access it largely with triggers and shoulder buttons. There’s also an option to automate battles, so players who aren’t interested in warfare don’t have to get into the nitty-gritty of skirmishes.

On PS5, Crusader Kings III will take advantage of the DualSense controller. For example, the more stressed your monarch is, the more resistance you will feel in the analog triggers. And if you’re not on PS5, you’ll still get a good visual indication of your king’s stress level with a flashing red border on the map.

Crusader Kings III finds a console release date

About a year and a half after its very noticeable launch on PC, the excellent Crusader Kings III is about to land on our dear consoles. We finally know the release date for this version which has undergone some changes in passing.

It was at Gamescom last August that Paradox Interactive proudly announced the adaptation of its strategy game on next-generation consoles. Since then, we haven’t seen much about this port, but things have just started moving. Indeed, the Swedish publisher has released a new trailer to let us know the launch date.

More than just a port?

Crusader Kings III had to undergo some modifications to adapt to the controls via a joystick. The menus have therefore been completely reworked in order to be more responsive. They can be browsed using the joysticks, but also via the directional cross. It will not be necessary to use a virtual cursor to navigate the interface.

Finally, Crusader Kings III will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 29, 2022. The console version will enter directly into Xbox Game Pass.

Crusader Kings 3 shows console review, reveals PS5 and Xbox date

Crusader Kings 3 is heading to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Paradox’s latest work will debut on next-gen consoles on March 29, just months after its original release on PC. The team collaborated with Lab42 to develop this adaptation. You can see the first images of the game in motion at the top of this news.

How was Crusader Kings 3 adapted for console?

In a press release, the distributor assures that Crusader Kings 3 on console “features an interface and a control scheme specifically adapted to larger screens and console controls”. This new direction of control allows for “quick and easy menu navigation” by simply pressing your controller’s triggers, sticks, and top buttons.

In addition to using SSD memory to speed up load times, the speed of switching between apps makes it easier for gamers to visit YouTube, where the team has posted numerous mechanics-related tutorials.

It will also take advantage of some features around the PS5 and DualSense. It will support haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. For example, the more stress a character accumulates, the more resistance the triggers will do. Each event will react differently on the controller. At the interface level, you will use the activity system and the help of the game. With it, they hope to “help new users to take their first steps in the world of Crusader Kings”.

As we said, Crusader Kings 3 will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 29 at the recommended price of 49.99 euros. On PC, it is already available via Steam and the Microsoft Store; included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Crusader Kings III will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series on March 29

While the PC version of Crusader Kings III is about to receive a new extension called The Royal Court, the title of Paradox Interactive is also preparing its arrival on next-gen consoles, as announced at the last Gamescom.

A version adapted for joystick controls

This console version was therefore designed in collaboration with Lab42in order to adapt the gameplay and features of the game to the PS5 and Xbox Series. It is above all the interface that had to be adapted herejust like the controls to better stick to the joysticks and movement in the menus thanks to the analog sticks.

These next-gen versions also take advantage of the power of consoles to reduce loading timeswhile the PS5 version also uses the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the DualSense. One of the uses of this controller will concern the representation of the stress of the characters, with a harder trigger if the characters are tense.

It will therefore be possible to discover this PS5 and Xbox Series version of Crusader Kings III from March 29.