[REVIEW] : Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the ultimate version of the game?

No more performance or quality modes as is the case on the Director’s Cut of the game on PS5, here as for any good self-respecting PC game (no FF7, you are not targeted) you will make your “perf” modes and “quali” tailor-made by limiting or not the frequency of images displayed per second or even the resolution.

And the widescreen mode takes on its full meaning here since our televisions are all in 16/9 format, the PS5 had to simulate 21/9 by adding two black bars at the top and bottom of the display. On this PC version if you have an Ultra Wide screen, the resolution will be managed natively by your monitor and it’s a real treat for a game so leaning towards contemplation. Only downside, Death Stranding Director’s Cut does not support Super Ultra Wide or 32/9 and you will therefore have black bars on the left and right of the display if you have a screen of this format and let’s say it clearly, this spoils the immersion a bit.

But all this in absolutely no way contrasts with what we already knew about the PC version of Death Stranding that we have had for almost two years. The novelty is in the additions such as gameplay possibilities added to the Director’s Cut of the game. But not only.

The most interesting novelty seemed to be the story missions that were added for the occasion. These missions are three in number and bear the reference numbers 77, 78 and 79. The first is unlocked directly at the start of the game, the other two will arrive as you progress through the story. You will have to go to an abandoned factory not far from the capital, the starting point of the game.

The aesthetic aspect and the staging are particularly worked with new music that will be launched during your trip, and Woodkid in the spotlight to replace Low Roar. A factory placed at the top of a mountain makes it possible to have superb panoramas at the entrance or the exit of this one, moreover sublimated by the large screen mode. The same clearly cannot be said for their playful or narrative interest, which is very limited.

A betrayal of the original work?

In the gameplay department, there are many exclusive additions to make the experience less painful for those who did not manage to get into the game 2 years ago, but the backlash of these additions is that they distort almost the vision of the developers of a laborious journey from east to west of the USA which has become UCA, for United Cities of America.

We start from the beginning of the adventure with the possibility of doing the first mission in the factory which will unlock you from the start a new exoskeleton which will greatly facilitate your deliveries and a tazer called the Maser rifle which will make you overpowered during your encounters with the mules and the stranded. These first hours of play which were supposed to be so painful and during which you should really have relied on the “Strand Game” component sold by Kojima thanks to the infrastructures built by other players, are finally appeased. Is it good or bad? In any case, it’s a bit paradoxical.

Other additions are much more fun and less annoying regarding the game philosophy since they are unlocked much later in the game and allow you to have fun with your cargo thanks to new catapults, jumps accompanied by motorbike stunts, or the delivery robot. The Shooting Range is a nice addition that’s a bit reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid’s VR missions. This mode also offers an online ranking to extend the experience. The racing mode is quite limited in its gameplay.

Death Stranding DC available on PC

A few months after the PS5, Death Stranding Director’s Cut has finally arrived on PC. This enriched version of Kojima’s hardcore Uber Eats delivery simulator adds a few elements to the basic game, most of which are quite dispensable: new missions, combat zones, car races, as well as various accessories to facilitate journeys. In short, nothing that really justifies taking out a ticket of 10 to upgrade its original version of the game. On the other hand, if you had missed it, the complete DC version only costs around forty euros, an honest price for one of the most confusing games of recent years.

Almost six months after its release on PlayStation 5, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now available on PC. If you have never taken part in this unique adventure or if you simply want to play it again, we invite you to consult our guides and walkthroughs to help you navigate the strange world of Death Stranding, and thus reconnect men with each other.

After roughly six months of PlayStation 5 exclusivity, it’s high time for Death Stranding Director’s Cut to join its big brother on PC. In this enriched version of Death Stranding, you will be entitled to some new features, such as new weapons and toolsas well as a significant optimization of motorcycle driving, to recite nobody else but them. Beyond these additions, this edition of the game allows you to discover a future where the world has been destroyed by a supernatural event called Death Stranding, who broke the barrier between our world and that of the dead. Now their souls wander aimlessly among men, and anyone who falls into their clutches loses their lives, causing a shock wave that eliminates everything in its path.

In this desolate world populated by the dead, you play as Sam Porter Bridges, a free agent for the delivery company Bridges. Your role is to reconnect the world through the Chiral network, a communication system that allows information to be shared remotely, by making deliveries to the various Relay Cities and bunkers inhabited by survivors of Death Stranding. To do this, you are going to have to make sure that your freighter survives your travelswhich will not be easy because between invisible enemies, terrorists, and gravity, the task will be tough.

PSA: Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PC released today

On PC, you can expect the same graphical enhancements as the regular edition of the game, with new content and enhanced gameplay features added to protagonist Sam Porter Bridges’ story. You can expect more weapons, gear, vehicles, modes, and missions, as well as additional areas to explore, as well as expanded scenarios and UI improvements.

The Director’s Cut was originally released on PS5 in September last year, and the PC upgrade will set you back $10. Death Stranding did well after launch as the game saw over 5 million sales on PS4 and PC in March 2021.

As for Kojima, a recent report claimed that he was working with Microsoft on a new Xbox game, although this has yet to be confirmed or officially announced. In other genre news, Norman Reedus recently teased that Death Stranding 2 could be in development.

For our updated Death Stranding PS5 review, Justin Clark said, “The Director’s Cut still does an admirable job of enhancing this experience for maximum immersion. Even trying to push towards something more accessible, there’s still no such thing as this game.”