[REVIEW] : Dragon Ball FighterZ announces its imminent arrival on Xbox Game Pass for PC

Dragon Ball fans and PC fighting game fans are in luck. So much so that Microsoft has just confirmed the arrival of Dragon Ball FighterZ on its video game service on demand Xbox Game Pass, yes, for its PC version. And also, immediately, since Bandai Namco’s popular title will be available to its subscribers tomorrow, February 24, 2022. So Xbox Game Pass for PC users will be able to unleash their full Super Saiyan power in just a few hours with the title’s availability. as part of its catalog.

The Most Powerful Dragon Ball Fighters in Game Pass

Introducing the title to potential new players and sharing some tips for dealing with their particular fighting style. Of course, apparently only the base game will be available on Xbox Game Pass, as the additional fighters that have been added to the character model through the various DLCs are not mentioned at any point, either individually or as part of the self. -called FighterZ Pass.

“Dragon Ball FighterZ was born out of what makes the Dragon Ball series so beloved and famous: endless and spectacular battles with its all-powerful fighters. By partnering with Arc System Works, Dragon Ball FighterZ maximizes high-end anime graphics and brings easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master fighting gameplay to audiences around the world,” said John Liao of the Marketing Department. by Bandai Namco.

Over the past few hours, Dragon Ball FighterZ has confirmed the arrival of Android 21 as part of the fighter team, as well as news of the new 1.30 patch.

Kamehameha! Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to PC Game Pass

After joining Xbox Game Pass on consoles a few months ago, Dragon Ball FighterZ will also be part of the PC Game Pass catalog, and it won’t be long before subscribers to the service can enjoy it, indeed, the game will be available from February 24, we could say in a few more hours.

The title of Goku and company has been released since 2018, and was one of the most acclaimed fighting titles in the saga, with a 2D style and a 3v3 system that allows users to change characters at will during fights and even combine attacks and combos between team members.

Galactic Civilizations III

Available for Windows

Released almost 7 years ago (!), this space strategy game arrives in the PC Game Pass on February 24, 2022. On the program: a dozen races to embody and gameplay combining combat, espionage, diplomacy and technology. If he received rather good reviews in 2015, with his excessive ambition, does he still make a good impression today?

Super Mega Baseball 3

Available for Xbox (EA Play or Game Pass Ultimate)

After two episodes that focused more on humor and the arcade side, this baseball game is trying to renew its recipe. Always keeping a small cartoon side, it offers improved graphics and game physics and new modes. You can also compete against other amateurs online in this simulation, and even organize leagues. All that remains is to put on your gloves (well, so to speak, because it will be complicated to play with).

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 21 (Lab Coat) is now available as DLC

As announced last December, bandai namco and Arc System Works decided to add C-21 with her lab coat (her appearance before her transformation) as a new playable fighter in the fighting game Dragon Ball Fighter Z on nintendo-switch, playstation4, Xbox One and computer. It is now available in DLC for the game at the price of 4.99 € and is also accompanied by 5 alternate colors for her outfit, a C-21 lobby avatar (lab coat) and finally a Z C-21 sticker (lab coat).