[REVIEW] : Dyson sales: the Dyson V7 Motorhead vacuum cleaner at a discounted price at Cdiscount

More than 100 € savings on the Dyson vacuum cleaner thanks to a promo code Cdiscount

To be clear, it’s not one, but two reductions that the Dyson V7 Motorhead gets. Instead of € 378.90, the device is currently offered at Cdiscount at € 299.99.

But that’s not all. During this winter sales period, a promo code is added to this reduced price: enter the code 25DES299 before validating your basket and you will benefit from 25 € of additional savings. In total, this represents a reduction of 103 € on one of the best stick vacuum cleaners of the brand.

In addition, Dyson offers free delivery, optional Breakdown + Return guarantees and the possibility of paying in installments.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner: cordless, it still does not lose suction

As a wireless model, Dyson suggests with the V7 a model synonymous with freedom. With an autonomy of 30 minutes, this vacuum cleaner allows you to clean a large home without running out of energy.

The main strength of the brand, however, remains the power of its cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Not only does the V7 have this technology. But in addition, its 350W motor incorporates a Boost mode that leaves no doubt about the cleanliness of the cleaned surfaces.

On this good plan, the device gains in versatility, because it comes with 3 accessories dedicated to cleaning the car. Its rigid brush and flexible extension will save time and make it easier to reach all corners of your vehicle. But make no mistake: inside the house, too, the V7 Motorhead will always perform as well. Test it on your rugs or carpets: you will see its effectiveness for yourself.

Finally, with its bagless system and its wall mounting, the maintenance and storage of this cordless stick vacuum cleaner is made as easy as possible.

Cordless stick vacuums: what if you switched to the robot vacuum?

Haven’t you fallen for the Dyson V7 Motorhead yet? Maybe this is not the type of vacuum cleaner you need.

Sales: our selection of unmissable good deals

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The Dyson Outsize Absolute power stick vacuum is at a bargain price for the sales!

Take advantage of the sales to acquire the Dyson Outsize Absolute. The latter has everything it takes to leave dirt no chance.

In the stick vacuum market, Dyson has a big piece of the pie. At the same time, this manufacturer established for a very long time around the world has always known how to bring innovative, powerful and lightweight stick vacuum cleaners. This is particularly the case with this Dyson Outsize Absolute which is on top of that, on sale at the Cdiscount retailer on the occasion of the sales where you can find it for € 549 instead of € 699 using the coded 50DES499 (-50 €). Please note, there is little stock!

Powerful, durable and able to vacuum large areas

The Dyson Outsize Absolute not only shines with its 610 watt motor, nor its light weight of 3.56 kilos, but rather its ability to be able to vacuum very large areas using its 1.9 dust container. liters. Thanks to the latter, even houses or villas of 250 square meters will not scare him, especially since it is equipped with a battery allowing to have 120 minutes of autonomy. A treat for people who love to clean – and you’re going to love doing it with the Dyson Outsize Absolute.

Besides the possibility of vacuuming large areas in no time, the latter helps its user to vacuum whatever is in front of him. This is why it has a self-rotating brush which, in addition to that, is able to operate independently. Indeed, thanks to Dyson DLS technology, the stick vacuum cleaner will increase or decrease the power depending on the floor where it is located. This will allow you to keep a sublime parquet intact, for example.

In short, if you had to replace your old vacuum cleaner, now is the time to do it. As a reminder, the Dyson Outsize Absolute is currently on sale at CDiscount at a price of € 549 instead of € 699 thanks to the code 50DES499 (-50 €).

Dyson, Rowenta, Proscenic… 4 vacuum cleaners at broken prices during the sales

The chore of vacuuming can be softened, provided you have the most suitable appliance for your practice. If you don’t, or can’t, outsource this task to a robot vacuum, you may choose to invest in a stick vacuum. This type of model is much more manoeuvrable than a canister vacuum cleaner, and offers greater freedom of use. During the winter sales, which are taking place at the moment and until Tuesday, February 8, many references benefit from great promotions, especially at Cdiscount. The French online sales site is never stingy with discounts during the sales period, which is good news if you want to equip yourself with a new stick vacuum cleaner. Our selection of the best models in promotion allows you to benefit, in addition to significant discounts, from the delivery offered to your home. Discover the four models that caught our attention during the Cdiscount sales.

The Dyson Outsize Absolute: 100 euros discount

The Dyson Outsize Absolute is one of the heavyweights in the British manufacturer’s robot vacuum cleaner catalog. Available for 699 euros instead of 799 euros at Cdiscount during the sales, it is presented as a very powerful model, suitable for cleaning large spaces. Its autonomy can go up to 120 minutes in Eco mode, which allows you to vacuum all the rooms of your home, from floor to ceiling. Its Slim Fluffy Laser Brush is 25% larger than those of other Dyson models, and its dust collector is 150% larger. Thanks to the Dyson Hyperdynium vacuum motor that performs at up to 125,000 rpm, all dirt and debris is captured, and the exhaust air is cleaner thanks to the advanced filtration system. It comes with many accessories.

The Tineco iFloor 3: 80 euros discount

The Tineco iFloor 3 sees its price drop from 329.99 euros to 249.99 euros. This is a stick vacuum model which also has the particularity of being able to mop at the same time as it sucks up debris. Dirty water is collected in its collector, which gives it a very high cleaning efficiency. The autonomy of the Tineco iFloor 3 goes up to 30 minutes and it has two power modes, to adapt perfectly to your current needs. Allow 4 hours to recharge it on its base provided.

The Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 Animal: 100 euros discount

For its part, the Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 Animal is available for 249.99 euros instead of 349 euros. This stick vacuum cleaner is particularly effective for cleaning under furniture and in hard-to-reach corners, thanks to its great flexibility. Its flexible tube is very useful for dusting where you can’t go with other vacuum cleaners. In addition, it comes with various accessories, including a mini motorized electric brush suitable for cleaning animal hair. Side autonomy, it goes up to 35 minutes per charge, and it recharges fully in three hours.

The Proscenic P11: 90 euros discount

Finally, the Proscenic P11 is offered at the reduced price of 169 euros instead of 259 euros. It is a multifunction model that can be combined with a mop, in addition to its traditional cleaning brush. Perfectly modular, this 4-in-1 model can be very easily transformed into a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Its 55-minute battery life makes it useful in many situations. It has three power modes: Auto, Eco and Max, to ensure perfect cleaning of your interior on a daily basis. Finally, its touch screen makes its settings very easy to access.