The soccer world championship is a unique tournament, not only because of the importance of the event, but also because the event takes place every four years. Occasional editions of the football simulation from Electronic Arts have so far successfully dealt with heating the atmosphere before the World Cup and reflecting the aforementioned uniqueness. So let’s see if it is EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (PS3) It is similarly.

Though FIFA 14 (PS4) has already debuted on new generation consoles, we will only move to the virtual Brazilian pitches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Where did this idea come from? The creators explain that with their product they wanted to reach the widest possible audience, and at the moment the outgoing generation platforms have a much larger user base. How much is care about the player, and how much it is about topping up the company’s accounts with dollars, judge for yourself.

If you own this year’s FIFY on PS4, then the World Cup is not a product for you, unless you are comfortable with a perceived qualitative leap backwards. The game is based on the past-gen engine “fourteen” and unfortunately, the changes to it are small. Graphically, we are dealing with a bipolar product. The foreground, i.e. the players and the pitch, is done well. We feel disgusted only when we look at the background – fans still resemble a pixel duplicated many times over which someone has cast the national colors of certain teams. It doesn’t look much better when we are given cutscenes during the competition showing what is happening in the stands. There are only a few models of fans, and their execution leaves a lot to be desired (you will not find candidates for the VIVA Most Beautiful plebiscite here). The arenas – with the legendary Maracana at the fore – where the World Cup will be held in June and July, are well mapped, and the game features all 12 stadiums.

What hurts me the most is the fact that the meetings themselves lack a bit of a football setting, which is undoubtedly the World Cup. Just falling out of the sky before each match is a bit too little to reflect the spirit of the tournament played in the Samba rhythm. The cutscenes after the promotion to the next phase of the tournament also look poor – regardless of whether we left the group or just entered the finals, we will watch exactly the same animation. You really couldn’t have prepared more? The situation is saved by the selecters who are a little crazy at the sideline and insertions with the reactions of fans watching the competition in the fan zones. A nice idea is to implement a radio with thematic programs about the tournament, which we listen to while browsing through the menus. Journalists not only tell interesting facts related to the championships, eliminations, or conduct general disputes about the favorites, but also analyze our closest rivals and the results we achieve.

The gameplay clearly accelerated compared to the fourteen, promoting offensive football and slightly deviating from the simulation nature of the series. Considering that we expect emotions and a hail of goals from the championship, I can understand that and I don’t take it as a minus. The pace of the competition is fast, the game is effective and the goals are beautiful. Speaking of the latter, due to the fact that the title focuses on intensity, quite a lot of them are scored. The game encourages us to shoot from difficult, unprepared positions and look for goals worth saving, which is largely influenced by the new ball physics – 30 meters to the goal and the inability to play the action? No problem, a powerful bomb from a distance will depress many goalkeepers. It is not, however, that goalkeepers are only extras. They make up a lot by playing in the air, more often than before by punching the ball to the area of ​​16. Additionally, now they can distract opponents from penalties by dancing on the goal line and provoking the shooter to hit a specific corner of the goal. The changes to the corner kicks also deserve attention. If you play FIFA 14 on PS3, you know very well how many goals are scored after corners and headshots. Thanks to the new system of head dueling, this practice is not so common anymore. Now defenders fight for position much more effectively, often leaning on the opponent’s shoulders to make it difficult for him to shoot and to facilitate intervention. In addition, when we make a corner, we also have a choice of several tactical variants that determine how our players are to move around the penalty area while playing a fixed part of the game. The gameplay is also enriched by new animations of players, although it is a pity that there are not more of them.

In terms of available modes, it is the most complete commemorative release of the series. Road to the FIFA World Cup allows you to lead one of the 203 national teams in the game through the qualifying phase and the main tournament. Therefore, nothing will prevent, with your help, Nawałki’s “Eagles” will change the course of history and win a ticket to Brazil, where they will fight for the most important football trophy in the world. A novelty here are training games – similar to those of the loading screens – which we carry out between match days, we can use them to develop some of the basic attributes of each of our players: arrows, defensive play, maneuverability, speed, etc. Captain Your Country is also interesting , we control one player here, and our main goal is to get the captain’s armband and raise the World Cup. If that is not enough for you, there are also challenges in the form of Story of Qualifying – we have over 60 scenarios to play, prepared by the developers, and more will appear during the tournament. Fans of online struggles will probably choose Road to Rio De Janeiro, the equivalent of Seasons from FIFA 14.

EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil is not the best football game for the outgoing generation of consoles, but without a doubt, no other title available reflects the atmosphere of the Country Coffee Championships better than EA Sports production. If you like joyful, offensive football and do not expect a simulated approach to the game, you will be satisfied. Otherwise, I advise you to stick to the “fourteen”, especially if you have the next-gen version.

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