[REVIEW] : Final Fantasy: a player creates a sublime remake of the remake of Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake, when is part 2?

Final Fantasy VII Remake undoubtedly deserves its place in the ranking of the best video game remakes released to date. Some even place it among the best Final Fantasy, others not, relaunching for the umpteenth time the subject of the best Final Fantasy of all time, at the same time.

The remake of a remake thanks to the creative game Dreams

As a reminder, Dreams was released on PS4 in 2020. The creation tool allows you to showcase your talent to develop your own original game. Or inspired by already existing titles. Which is what a lot of Dreams fans choose to do, especially the Final Fantasy fan we’re going to talk about here. This player has created a sublime remake of Final Fantasy VII Remake. At least part of the game and not its entirety, of course.

His work resumes the fight against the Aerodestroyer, which Barret, Cloud and Tifa face in the heart of the Shinra Tower, after having planted their bomb. The result is simply stunning. The artistic direction chosen – with characters with a design reminiscent of those of World of Final Fantasy – hits the mark and the explosive animations flatter the retina. The gameplay respects the initial product and all the skills of the cult characters are included.

Beautiful cars, wrestling, the paranormal and a pink ball: 12 games to watch in March!

After a busy month of February during which we saw the arrival of two of the most anticipated games of recent years, the month of March promises to be just as busy with a lot of new games to get your hands on! From the beginning of the month, we will be able to reconnect with the action of a modern-day warrior or that of a tower to conquer, while the following weeks will see the landing of a much desired racing game as well as several titles from Square Enix. Everything will end with the release of a wrestling game as well as the new adventure of a little pink ball from Nintendo. Is your wallet ready?

Shadow Warrior 3

  • Release date: March 1, 2022
  • On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Lo Wang is back in an adventure that promises to be even crazier and bloodier! By regaining control of this eccentric fighter, you will have to join forces with your opponents to put back to sleep a dragon that you have inadvertently awakened.

Although more linear than Shadow Warrior 2, Shadow Warrior 3 will offer new techniques for Lo Wang that will make his movements more fluid. New weapons will also be added to your famous katana so that you can explode your enemies and spread their hemoglobin everywhere!

Final Fantasy XIV publishes Letter from the Producer LIVE LXVIII Digest online

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMOs out there. One of the reasons players continue to support and enjoy this adorable multiplayer experience is the constant stream of communication the community shares with the game team about updates, changes, and information regarding the game. future of the game. Most Producer Letters happen at odd hours for western viewers, which means fans might not get to see those long showcases, which is why Square Enix posted them online for others to enjoy.

Square Enix posted Letter from the Producer LXVIII on YouTube on March 3, 2022. The LXVIII part of the Letter from the Producer LIVE continues a trend for the popular series, sharing new information regarding the future of the popular MMO in great detail, including a vague glimpse of the next ten years of the Final Fantasy XIV franchise. The show is nearly five hours long, but interested parties can browse the video for critical points.

Final Fantasy XIV Little Ladies Day 2022 event will appear in March

Items that were previously available to obtain through the Little Ladies Day event tend to appear in the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store a year after their inclusion in the game. This means that users who initially missed out on obtaining rewards can usually buy them through the cash store. Items available to obtain during the event included the songbird outfit and a handful of “cheer” emotes, which included glow sticks. Both items can be obtained through the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.

Additionally, a live Letter from the Producer will showcase the content that will appear via Patch 6.1. The show will be available to watch via YouTube, Twitch, and NicoNico. Square Enix will allow co-streaming of the broadcast. Previously, Square Enix released a roadmap for Final Fantasy XIV. This included a list of content that will be added to the game with each subsequent version update.

All Star Wars games currently in development

A galaxy far, far away will soon feel much closer in the future, with more than a handful of different Star Wars games currently in development. By our calculations, six “AAA” Star Wars games are currently in development, including first-person shooters, action-adventure games, open-world games, strategy games, and more.

No need to go on a holocron hunt for additional information, because we’ve got everything you need to know about every Star Wars game currently in development.

Sequel to Jedi Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment

The opening Order of the Fallen Jedi released in 2019 was a critical success, surpassing sales expectations before being widely considered the best game to come out of the Electronic Arts-Star Wars deal so far. The single-player title blended Sekirodes Metroidvania-style combat and Metroidvania-style level progression, along with an engaging story and memorable characters.

A sequel has been rumored for the past two years based on Respawn job postings, but was finally officially confirmed by the developer via an announcement on January 25 this year. But that’s not all that was included in the ad.

A new Star Wars FPS title from Respawn

Respawn also announced last January that “Game Director Peter Hirschmann and his team have begun production on an all-new first-person shooter.” Hirschmann made Respawn’s Medal of Honor: Beyond, a VR title released in 2020, but it’s been confirmed that the new Star Wars FPS game won’t be in VR.

Hirschmann also helped produce previous Medal of Honor titles, as well as the original Star Wars: Battlefront games released by Pandemic in the 2000s. Respawn themselves (founded by original Call of Duty creators) are best known for their hit FPS titles, including the critically acclaimed Titanfall series and the popular battle royale title Apex Legends.

A new Star Wars strategy game from Bit Reactor and Respawn

A new AAA studio in Bit Reactor is working alongside Respawn to create a new Star Wars strategy game. The folks at Bit Reactor have a plethora of strategy game development experience under their belt, with a team made up of developers who worked on both XCOM and Sid Meier’s Civilization, led by Greg Foertsch.

Star Wars: Quantic Dream Eclipse

The David Cage-led studio responsible for games such as Pouring Rain and Detroit: Become Human is creating an “intricately branching action-adventure game.” Star Wars: Eclipse is currently in very early development, but will be the first game set in the High Republic era, a time when the Republic and the Jedi Order flourished.