[REVIEW] : Fnac Darty: 12 offers to seize before the start of the winter sales

Fnac Darty: take advantage of the winter sales to make even more savings

Only a few days left before the start of the winter sales at Fnac Darty: meet on Wednesday January 12, 2022, from 8 am, to take advantage of the best deals and order the first ones! Get ready now because you will have to be responsive to take advantage of the most advantageous offers. Like every year, Fnac Darty is about to offer incredible promotions on its flagship products, and stocks will not last forever! This is why it is advisable to start shopping at 8 a.m., on the first day of the sales, so that your favorite products do not pass under your nose. Do not hesitate to do some scouting on Fnac Darty before D-Day, to see the articles that interest you and bookmark them. This is the best way not to be caught off guard during the winter sales. Moreover, remember to enter your bank details on the Fnac Darty sites, to save a few precious seconds when ordering. Remain vigilant, since promotions all more advantageous than the others will follow one another for 4 weeks, on Fnac Darty. This year, the winter sales end on Tuesday February 8. On the Darty side, you will mainly find offers on the garden, DIY and telephony departments, as well as on household appliance products. As for the Fnac brand, it mainly focuses on high-tech items: gaming consoles, computer hardware, smartphones, speakers, etc.

Fnac Darty: the second life offer to make even more savings

With Fnac 2nde vie, you make even more savings by purchasing products guaranteed and reconditioned by experts. You receive items in excellent condition, at very advantageous prices since they can be up to 50% cheaper! The articles are fully functional and they come in various categories: you will find smartphones as well as cameras, video games or even toys for your children. Make the choice of eco-responsibility with Fnac Darty, by giving a second life to products in excellent condition, which do not deserve to be thrown away! Let yourself be tempted by consoles at low prices, a used home cinema, a desktop PC in perfect condition or a camera guaranteed for 1 year. As for the Darty Occasion service, it also recovers used devices and gives them a second life by repackaging them: PCs, washing machines, smartphones, etc. Some damaged components are changed and they are cleaned so as to offer the same performance as new devices. By purchasing a device from Darty Occasion, you benefit from a 2-year warranty. In addition, the Fnac Darty Occasion service offers two-day delivery for smaller products. For larger ones, like appliances and TVs above a certain size, you just need to choose your preferred delivery service, while taking advantage of the various services offered by Darty, such as commissioning the equipment and installation in the room you want.

iPhone, Nintendo Switch… take advantage of slashed prices thanks to Fnac Darty gift cards

Fnac Darty: here’s how to get a great promotion

Several times a year, Fnac Darty offers JackPot Gift Cards for one day only. To start the year off right, they will be available on Tuesday January 11 from 8 a.m. to 11.59 p.m. Thus, throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to buy 3 cards worth 150 euros and 3 cards worth 60 euros. Cards worth 150 euros cost 130 euros. Cards worth 60 euros are 50 euros. So, for the purchase of six cards, you can take advantage of a discount of up to 90 euros, on any product purchased from 630 euros.

JackPot Gift Cards offers are valid for all Fnac customers, while stocks last. Only one “JackPot Gift Card” order is possible per customer account, with a maximum of 3 “JackPot Gift Cards” of each amount in the basket. You then have until January 31, 2022 inclusive to use your “JackPot Gift Cards”, which can be combined with current offers, on Fnac.com and in Fnac and Darty stores.

Finally, to note the “JackPot Gift Card” cannot be exchanged, nor resold, nor refunded even partially, nor credited to a card or a bank account or another gift card, nor to make the subject to a discount and cannot give rise to any change of change. It is neither replaced nor reimbursed in the event of expiry. In the event of abuse observed, Fnac reserves the right to cancel any order and will reimburse the amount of the “JackPot Gift Cards” order.

Fnac Darty gift card: it’s time to indulge yourself

Another option to indulge yourself is the Fnac Darty gift card. No matter the occasion: birthday, Valentine’s Day, party or just for fun, you and your loved ones can enjoy books, CDs, vinyls and high-tech products or household appliances. The Fnac Dart gift card is valid in more than 450 points of sale (Fnac and Darty), but also on Fnac.com. The Fnac-Darty e-Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used one or more times. If you don’t have any gift ideas, this is the perfect gift to please without making bad choices! This will allow the person to buy what they really need. With a gift card, it is possible to buy any product at a reduced price. Whether you want to buy a Nintendo Switch game (on which promotional offers are rare), a portable speaker, a new smartphone, a coffee machine or even headphones, the Fnac Darty gift card will allow the recipient to save money! Several gift cards are available, with amounts ranging from 15 to 150 euros.


Fnac Darty: here’s how to get a great promotion

To take advantage of the best prices, nothing could be simpler. The offer will take place on the Fnac and Darty sites on Tuesday, January 11 from 8 a.m. to 11.59 p.m. and not a minute more. Be sure to note these times so as not to miss these unique promotions. Once on the Fnac Darty sites, you can then buy 3 gift cards worth 150 euros for only 130 euros as well as 3 gift cards maximum worth 60 euros for 50 euros. Cumulated, these savings easily reach 90 euros from 630 euros of purchase. This offer is available to all customers depending on available stocks. You can only order one gift card per customer account. You can only buy a maximum of 3 cards of each amount. Once your cards have been purchased, you can use them until January 31, 2022 inclusive. They can be combined with current internet offers, but they are also valid in stores. This promotional operation is valid while stocks last. Please note that the Jackpot Gift Card cannot be refunded, exchanged or sold. It cannot be the subject of a pot either. It is best to use it by January 31, 2022 inclusive so as not to lose the amount spent and accumulate savings. Do not wait to benefit from the offer on the Fnac Darty sites. Jackpot gift cards are a unique opportunity to save money on your purchases. Use them to buy for example a nice vacuum cleaner, a big TV for your living room or an expensive food processor, now is the perfect time.

iPhone 13, Switch, laptop … take advantage of Fnac Darty cards!

On this special day with the Jackpot Discounted Gift Cards, you can get any item at a knockdown price. So you can indulge yourself with high-tech products including high-end items like iPhones or touch pads and laptops. But this offer will also blow a new wind on the range of video games and consoles as with the Nintendo Switch. With 90 euros in savings in total, don’t miss out on these great deals to buy what you really like. You can also decide to take only 2, 3 or 4 gift cards only, mix the amounts and have fun to define the offer that is ideal for you within the limit of 3 cards of each maximum amount per household. If you are eyeing a quality camera, a new smartphone, headphones or a sound bar for example, this will also be an opportunity to order these products. But the household appliance is not left out and if you need a new coffee machine, a new vacuum cleaner or a brand new fridge, now is the time to save on these. purchases also with Jackpot gift cards at Fnac Darty.


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