[REVIEW] : Google Maps adds welcome new navigation features to iPhone

New for Google Maps

Starting with new details on the maps in navigation mode. To make life easier for drivers and/or their co-drivers, Google has added traffic lights and traffic signs directly to the maps. They will also incorporate more precise route layouts, which should allow them “to reduce the likelihood of making a last-minute lane change or missing a turn”, explains Google. These new features will be available in the coming weeks on all devices and in certain countries, including France, initially.

Also under construction, the addition of pricing information on the routes taken or planned. In addition to the estimated time, the visualization of the journeys will include a forecast cost which will take into account the price of tolls. An option will also give priority to roads without tolls, but it will not be accessible in France when it is launched. “Other countries will be available later,” says Google.

iOS-specific features will also arrive in the coming months. It is in particular question of a widget of Google Maps thought for the operating system of Apple, which will make it possible to visualize the charts directly since the home screen. Same story for the Apple Watch. It will also be possible to request a route from Siri and Spotlight.

Google Maps: new features and a new widget are coming to iOS

The iOS version of Google Maps will be full of new features. In a blog post, Google announces the arrival of an independent application for Apple Watch, a new widget for iPhone and new features. The Google Maps application is going to be more practical on iOS.

Several new features are coming to Google Maps

Google Maps will soon show the price of tolls when traveling. This feature will initially be available in select countries and will provide information on 2,000 toll roads. Also new, Google will add information on traffic lights and stop signs on Maps.

“The price of tolls”

Google Maps has announced the rollout of a new feature. In the application, it will be found under the name “toll prices”. A good tool for planning your travel itinerary since this option will allow you to know the expected cost of taking a toll road. In addition, the function also offers information on the method of payment and the expected cost of the toll depending on the day of the week or the context. The price of the toll will be collected thanks to the information obtained from the local authorities.

Google Maps is full of new features to improve your experience

To satisfy its users, Google Maps evolves regularly. Especially against formidable competitors like Waze. Thus, in the weeks to come, the users of the application will be able to save you money. And enjoy smoother journeys. Indeed, Google Maps will finally display the toll prices. But not only !

Long-awaited new features on Google Maps

You could say it was about time. If you could choose to avoid tolls or not, Google Maps will now display the prices of the latter in order to guide your choice, in addition to the estimated duration of the journey. A really relevant novelty, which we were looking forward to for a better experience.

This way, before hitting the road, users will be able to see the cost of the trip if they choose to take the route that includes tolls. To do this, Google Maps relies on local toll authorities. For optimal accuracy, the application will review the fact of using an electronic toll badge or another method of payment, the day of the week envisaged, the time…

Of course, you don’t have to choose the toll road if you want to save money. Google Maps simply allows you to have all the maps in hand before getting behind the wheel. These new products are arriving in the coming weeks in the United States, India, Indonesia and Japan. With us, we will have to wait a little longer but it happens.

Google does not stop there. Indeed, in order to offer you a more pleasant (and less stressful) driving experience, Google Maps will also display a more detailed navigation map. This involves the display of traffic lights, road signs, the width of the road or even areas of interest. It’s extremely practical, especially if you don’t know the road or you’re driving at night.

Finally, Apple users are entitled to other very practical updates such as the integration of Siri, Spotlight or Shortcuts. In addition, thanks to their Apple Watch, motorists will be able to read the routes even when they are far from their iPhone.