[REVIEW] : Google Maps will soon show toll prices and road signs

Google is preparing to deploy new options in its mapping application that should delight frequent travelers. Google Maps should indeed soon display an estimate of the price of the tolls present on your route, before your departure. Google expects to obtain this information from local highway companies.

The Mountain View company should, however, allow users who wish to do so to select alternative routes to avoid toll roads thanks to a new dedicated option. Google indicates that the toll price estimate should be deployed this April on Android and iOS.

However, US, Indian, Japanese and Indonesian users will be served first. Google nevertheless specifies that this functionality will be deployed more widely in other countries in the coming months.

Stop signs and traffic lights

Another notable new feature, Google Maps will display, in navigation mode, the traffic lights and Stop signs present on your route. The mapping application will also offer other details on the map, such as the presence of notable buildings or important points of interest. In some major cities, Maps will go even further in detail and show the shape and size of the roads taken. These new options will allow you to anticipate when driving on unfamiliar roads. Google specifies that these new features will be deployed in certain countries on Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay in the coming weeks, without however giving more details as to the lucky ones.

New features for Maps on iOS

iPhone users will be able to enjoy Google Maps in three new ways. The iOS application will integrate a widget which, pinned to the iPhone home screen, will allow you to quickly launch a route to a favorite destination, also including public transport routes.

In addition, the application will soon be able to guide you home directly from your Apple Watch. In the next few weeks, Google will allow you to display a route to your home directly on your watch by opening the application from the shortcut displayed on it. You will no longer need to unlock your iPhone and launch the iOS app to find your way.

Finally, Google has worked on its app so that it can fully integrate with Siri, Spotlight, and the Shortcuts app of iOS. By next summer, you’ll be able to create shortcuts using Google Maps and run them directly by asking (nicely) Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant.

Google Maps will finally show red lights, stop signs and toll prices

Google Maps continues to grow with new features. In a blog post published on April 5, 2022, Google has just announced support for a series of new features, including the price of tolls. “To make it easier to choose between toll roads and regular roads, we are deploying toll prices on Google Maps for the first time,” explains the digital giant.

When choosing a route through the app, Maps will provide you with an estimate of the total toll price. To offer this estimate, Google is based in particular on the local toll authorities, the time or the cost of a pass, individually or via a subscription. Based on this information, you can opt for the toll-free route, which will always be displayed as an option.


Google specifies that it will always be “possible to completely avoid routes with toll roads” by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner and disabling the “toll” option. Initially, the display of tolls will be limited to the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia.

Above all, Google Maps will enrich its navigation experience. Now, maps will display information like traffic lights and stop signs. “You’ll soon see traffic lights and stop signs along your route, along with enhanced details like building outlines and areas of interest,” Google says.

In some cities, users will also see even more detailed data, like “the shape and width of a road”. This enriched navigation map will be offered in the coming weeks in certain countries. Unfortunately, Google does not specify which countries will be affected in priority by this change. We’ll tell you more as soon as possible.

Google Maps adds more detail to its maps and takes toll charges into account

As the firm does regularly, Google announced on Tuesday several new features for one of its services, in this case Google Maps. These are three major new features that have been announced by Google for its mapping and GPS guidance service.

The first of these new features is also the most interesting, since it concerns all users. Google has indeed decided to add more details to its maps in navigation mode. Concretely, the firm has thus added traffic lights and traffic signs to make life easier for drivers who navigate on roads that are unknown to them. In addition to this road information, Google maps will also integrate more precise road layouts, including islands when they are physically integrated. “You can better understand where you are and reduce the likelihood of making a last-minute voice change or missing a turn,” Google says. This first new feature will be available to Google Maps users on iOS, Android, Android Auto and CarPlay in the coming weeks, in certain countries.

In addition to these detailed new features, Google Maps will also add pricing information on the routes taken. This new feature will make it possible, when viewing several planned routes to get to a location, to see not only the estimated travel time, but also its cost, taking into account the price of tolls. “We take into account factors like the cost of using a toll or other payment methods, the day of the week, and the estimated cost of the toll when you pass it,” Google says. The firm also specifies that it will allow users who wish to do so to favor toll-free roads. However, this function will not be available in France from its launch. It will initially be offered in the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia. Google nevertheless specifies that “other countries will soon benefit from it”.


Finally, users of Google Maps on iOS will also be served since the application will be updated with specific functions for the Apple system. Google will notably develop a Google Maps widget specific to iOS to allow iPhone owners to view maps directly from their home screen. The Google Maps application on Apple Watch will also allow you to enjoy navigation directly from your wrist. Finally, it will be possible to request a route directly from Spotlight or Siri. These different functions will be gradually rolled out over the coming months.

5 New Google Maps Features You Can Use Today

Google Maps is new: these are all the new features that are coming to the application from today.

Very soon, you will be able to enjoy several exciting new features on Google Maps. The ultimate navigation and maps service makes its debut, with a series of changes aimed at improving navigation in cars, motorcycles or any other means of transport.

Some of the new features had already been in testing in the app for some time. Others will be exclusive to the Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad. Next, we will review them all.

You will be able to know how much a trip will cost you thanks to the toll calculation

The first of the novelties announced by Google consists of the possibility of seeing the estimated price of a specific route, calculating the prices of all the tolls that we will find along the way. Of course, there will always be the possibility of avoiding tolls whenever possible.

Toll prices will only be available in a few countries at first: the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia. Later, new regions will be added to the list.

Maps will appear more detailed when navigating

In addition to the above changes, Google Maps is also being updated to introduce more detailed maps in its mobile version for iOS and Android. According to the company, this change aims to make the map easier to understand, thanks to measures such as the inclusion of traffic lights or STOP signs, as well as to improve the details of the buildings, the shape and the size. roads, and more.

These changes will begin to arrive over the next few weeks in select countries and will be visible on Google Maps for Android, iOS, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

New widgets and other features for Google Maps on iOS

Taking the opportunity, Google also announced a series of new features that will arrive exclusively on iOS in the coming weeks – many of them, yes, were already available on Android -.

The first is the ability to add Google Maps widgets to the iPhone or iPad home screen. It will also be possible to get navigation directions with one touch via the Apple Watch thanks to the new “Complication” of Google Maps for Apple Watch.

Finally, Google Maps now gets along better with Siri, Spotlight, and the Shortcuts app, making it easier to get directions. This feature will be available this summer.