[REVIEW] : Google Smart Canvas: Deeper integration between apps

Google is updating Smart Canvas, a collaboration experience that debuted last year amid the global pandemic designed for better collaboration and remote working, with new enhancements aimed at hybrid working.

The search giant claims that latest enhancements to Smart Canvas help improve collaboration and speed up workflow when using Google Workspace appssuch as Google Docs and Sheets.

These enhancements include the ability to view auto-generated summaries in Google Docs, have Google Docs fill your entire screen to create an immersive, page-free experience, see a preview of Google Maps right in your Google Docs document, and compose and send an email directly in Google Docs without having to switch to Gmail or copy content.

“These innovations address the needs of hybrid and remote working, improving collaboration, accelerating workflows, enabling rapid data-driven decisions, and more,” Google said of the new changes. made to Smart Canvas.

The biggest change introduced is the smart summaries feature, which uses artificial intelligence to create document highlights. These summaries can also be edited manually, and they help highlight important information when collaborating on a large document. Auto-generated summaries in Docs are launching today, Google said.

Remove pagination in Google Docs

In addition to smart summaries, Google is making it easier to immerse yourself in your document workflow by removing pagination in Google Docs with a new no-pagination format. This helps create an instant whiteboard-like experience while working on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. In essence, the format without pagination looks like a long scrolling note.

Along with Smart Canvas, Google also introduced features called “smart bullets,” which can bring rich, interactive information right into your document.

Google enriches Workspace with its “Smart Canvas” vision

Each year, Google holds a 2-day conference which it has named Google I/O, each initial of which stands for Input and Output respectively. During this conference, Google presented several features that revolve around its new vision: Smart Canvas. This is a project aimed at improving the Google Workspace.

Therefore, a dozen features are going to be added to Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides to enable them to be more dynamic. One of these features will allow you to link to another person or document using “@” mentions.

What will this Smart Canvas bring to Google Workspace?

Google is currently working on several features to improve its workspace. Users will be entitled to several changes. For example, Google announced that Gmail will have a new layout. This will change the integration of Google Chat, Google Meet, and Google Space. Google Drive, meanwhile, will have a new feature that will make searching for files easier.

Several changes will come later on Google Docs and Google Sheets. These changes will allow many features of multiple tools to be combined on the same screen. All of this will provide an efficient way to collaborate remotely with colleagues thanks to Google’s artificial intelligence.

Google will make corrections to Google Sheets and Google Docs

Google had announced that Google Sheets now has the ability to offer mathematical formulas as well as functions for its spreadsheet. It is somewhat similar to Excel where a person will have to put the acronym “=” to start a formula. The developers will therefore make some fixes to improve the functioning of Google Sheets.

Google Docs also incorporates new features thanks to the Smart Canvas. Users will be able to access the summary of their documents and a new high-level overview. Summaries are an overview of the important points of the document. They will also be able to create empty documents, which will facilitate the integration of tables as well as images on the files.

Google has launched an AI capable of summarizing a document for you: here’s how it works

If you use Google Docs, you will surely find its new features useful.

Google announced a number of new features targeting G Suite productivity apps, including Google Docs and Google Sheets.

In addition to useful functions such as the possibility of obtaining suggestions for correcting formulas in our spreadsheets, or the new “borderless” format of Google Docs, Google also announces the arrival of a particularly useful tool, which allows generate summaries of complete formulas documents in seconds, automatically and with a single click.

So you can summarize documents automatically and with just one click

As the company announced, the document summary option in Google Docs has already started to be available. Thanks to it, users can generate a summary of any document, simply by touching the icon that will appear on the left of the screen. By tapping on it, the AI-based system built into Google Docs will offer a summary of the document with the most important points.

At the moment, the feature seems to be available only in English, but the company hasn’t indicated if it will be exclusive to certain languages ​​or if it will reach the whole world.

In addition to automatic summaries, Google Docs also received the new borderless format, the ability to add a Google Maps “smart chip” to documents to display addresses without leaving the document, or a new email draft template. email that lets you collaborate on drafts with other people.

Google Workspace’s Smart Canvas automatically creates a table of contents for you

Last year, Google launched Smart Canvas in Google Workspace, its productivity suite. Smart Canvas provides a layer of context and collaboration around Google Docs, Sheets and Slides with a set of modular tools. Today, Google is rolling out a series of updates that make Smart Canvas a little smarter, including making it possible to automatically summarize content from Google Docs.

Smart Canvas also features a pageless format for Docs, a new email draft template for Docs, and a Google Maps chip allowing users to preview a Maps link directly in Docs. Google will also soon launch smart suggestions in Sheets to help users correct formulas.

Google presented some statistics to illustrate the interest that customers have for Smart Canvas. Its use now exceeds that of comments in Docs, the company says — more than six million checklists and six million smart bullets are added to documents every week via Smart Canvas.

Quickly understand shared documents

Now, with automatically generated summaries in Docs, users will be able to quickly understand shared documents of which they are not the authors. Although summaries are generated with built-in AI, users can also edit them manually.

Google also introduces the pageless format in Docs. This format removes traditional page breaks and margins, creating a document that adapts to the device or screen you’re using. If a user wants to print a document or convert it to PDF, they can switch back to a paginated view.

Google is also expanding the use of Smart Bullets – clickable smart bullets or clickable objects that surface relevant information directly in the collaboration canvas. WYearscan previews a Google Maps link in Docs. With the new Google Maps chip, when you click on the chip, a thumbnail appears with information such as an image of the location in Maps and the address. A click on the thumbnail opens a preview in the side panel of Docs.

New email draft template in Docs

Google is also making it easier to collaborate on emails, thanks to a new email draft template in Docs. When the message is ready to send, the user just clicks a button to export the content to a draft email in Gmail, with all relevant fields automatically filled in. These models will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Finally, Google is adding a service for correcting formulas in Sheets to Smart Canvas. This new feature helps detect errors and suggest ways to fix issues with formulas. It builds on the Formula Suggestions feature that Google launched last year to recommend formulas and functions based on analyzed data.