[REVIEW] : Halo Infinites: Co-op finally gets a release date!

After several months of waiting, this one is desired since the release of the title on Xbox consoles and PC on December 8th. In a roadmap unveiled by the studio, it looks like co-op will eventually be available in augustif all goes well.

Be careful though, this only concerns network coop for the moment. Split-screen co-op should arrive much later, but we don’t know when yet. This feature will therefore only be available to players with an online subscription on Xbox or PC.

Will deadlines be met? Nothing is less sure. On the roadmap, we can clearly see that “end of August” is the release window targeted by the studio, and is therefore not yet fully confirmed. The coop could therefore arrive a little later if the development still encounters problems, but we do not know what limit the studio sets itself. He explains :

“We know we need to deliver more content and more features faster. To stay true to priority zero, sometimes we have to slow down to stay healthy and go faster after that. But we are also actively looking for ways to accelerate.”

Season 2 is coming soon

Co-op is an aspect of the game that has experienced many delays in the past and yet seemed to be one of the most important for players. This is also the case of the Forge mode which should arrive at the same time as season 3 if we are to believe the latest news from the studio. In the meantime, season 2 of Halo Infinite is still scheduled for May 3, so in just a few days.

It will bring new maps, new game modes as well as new cosmetic elements. Season 3 is scheduled for November 8, and it should bring the same changes, in addition to local co-op, Forge mode, but also new narrative events.

Halo Infinite: finally a launch window for co-op mode

On May 3, Halo Infinite will host its second season titled “Lone Wolves”. In recent days, detailed the content of this new chapter which will notably introduce new game modes and elements to unlock. This second season should last until November 7, 2022 if we believe the roadmap recently unveiled by the developers.

A call that will have struggled to be heard

The roadmap in question also mentions the subject of the co-op mode for the campaign. Thus, aims to deploy the feature around the end of August 2022. Unfortunately, this only concerns online co-op since local split-screen co-op will not arrive at best until the launch of season 3 in early November. .

Also from the end of August, Halo Infinite players will also be able to replay single player missions. As for the Forge mode, the open beta will begin in September 2022. Finally, without going into details.


Be careful though, it would only be the online mode. Local, split-screen co-op is expected to arrive later, during Season 3, scheduled for November 2022.

Know thatHalo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series. You can also find it in the Xbox Game Pass (you must have an active subscription to this service).

Halo Infinite: the co-op mode (only online) will wait until the end of August

Halo Infiniteeven if it means making a few players groan while approving the recent admission on the difficulties encountered by the company in terms of content, hence the reinforcement of Certain Affinity, a third-party studio which ironically has even more experience at least in terms of years (they have collaborated with Bungie since Halo 2).

So we learn that Season 2, which will begin on May 3, will last 6 months (it’s a long time), bringing for the time being two new maps, three new modes and two narrative events, one in May, the other in July. . Season 2 which will FINALLY see the co-op mode arrive for the campaign (in August) but only online at first, simultaneously with a function to replay the desired missions. Surprise all the same: the Forge mode will finally not need to wait for Season 3, since we can at least test its beta in September.

Season 3 will begin on November 8, with its share of new maps and game modes, additional items, events and a Forge that will continue to be refined while the team FINALLY gives birth (again) to split co-op mode.