[REVIEW] : Halo series: the date is clarified on Canal + in France, when can we see it?

This is one of the big series expected this year, the adaptation of the Halo video game series arrived in the United States on March 24, 2022 and signed (unsurprisingly) the best start of the Paramount ++ platform for a new series . Project long planned to be a film, it is finally in series that the saga of science fiction known to owners of Xbox is available. On the other side of the Atlantic, the series is broadcast on the Paramount+ subscription streaming service. However, this service is not yet available in France. How will the French public be able to watch the Halo series?

What is the broadcast date in France on Canal+ for the Halo series?

If French fans first expected the Halo series to be broadcast from March 24, 2022 in France on Canal+, this was ultimately not the case. At the beginning of the year, Canal+ simply mentioned a release date “soon” in encrypted form, without further details. We then learned that the series would open, out of competition, the Canneséries festival on April 1, 2022. Festival-goers will therefore be able to discover the Halo series in France in preview. At the very end of March, Canal+ then revealed a fairly vague release date for the Halo series: in April 2022.

The Halo series, eagerly awaited by fans of SF and the Xbox video game series, is broadcast on the Paramount+ subscription streaming service. In the United States and wherever the online service is available in the world, Paramount+ is the place to go. Note, however, that the offer has not yet been launched in France and that you will have to wait for the preview broadcast on Canal+. The most patient can also wait for the French launch of Paramount+, scheduled for the second half of 2022.

Halo Season 2: New unpublished information about the release date of the sequel to the series

The all-new Halo series on Paramount+ is currently streaming. While fans are divided over their feelings on the series premiere and premise, the streaming platform has already seen fit to renew the series for a second season even before the premiere airs on March 24. Fans will have to be patient with the weekly releases to truly understand where the creators are headed. However, rumors are already swirling about Halo Season 2 details. From release dates to weather conditions to future plot points, here’s everything we know.

War Is Halo

One of the most important elements of the Halo franchise is the threat imposed by an invasion. This invasion is the work of an alien race known as the Covenant. These highly advanced and brutal aliens are doing everything they can to wipe everyone off the face of the planet they inhabit. This was the case for most Halo video games, and from the trailers, it seems this is the case for the Halo series as well. However, there have also been a few hints of the Flood appearing. The last trailer released before the release date of the series hinted at the appearance of this worst enemy. The premise of this series is that Doctor Hasley creates super soldiers known as Spartans. These Spartans are led by Master Chief and represent humanity’s hope to stop the Covenant invasion. Halo Season 2 could see the Covenant being overrun by the Flood.

Where there is a doctor, there is usually a laboratory. Where there is a laboratory, there are usually experiments. And where there are experiments, there’s usually something more sinister going on behind the scenes. The trailer shows a scientist or doctor in a lab coat walking near what appears to be some kind of growth. This growth could be the Deluge which makes its appearance, presumably at the end of the first season. This could mean that the stakes and the element of war are heightened in Halo Season 2. However, the focal point of this new series is to focus on Master Chief. While the main goal of the game was to keep the Chief mysterious, the Paramount+ series wants to show the audience why he is the way he is. This also seems to be the main aspect of the upcoming second season.

Halo: where and when will the phenomenal series be released in France?

This is one of the event series for this spring 2022, eagerly awaited by video game fans! Series Halo, inspired by the legendary video game franchise of the same name, revolves around Dr. Halsey, a brilliant scientist who is the origin of the Spartans, genetically and technologically enhanced super-soldiers to boost their mental and physical abilities. As humanity finds itself at war with an alien threat, John-117, the commander of a unit, leads his troops into battle. If the series started on March 24 on the American platform Paramount +, it took years before the series came to life. In 2013, the project of an adaptation in television series was announced during the presentation of the Xbox Xone with the illustrious Steven Spielberg attached to the project. Five years later, the Showtime network had ordered ten episodes with Rupert Wyatt as director and executive producer. However, Kane left the project due to scheduling conflicts and was replaced by Steve Kane. After finding a showrunner, the Showtime channel finally decided to give Halo to the platform Paramount+which already offers several science fiction series. Broadcast since March 24, 2022 on Paramount+ in the United States, the series will soon be broadcast in France.


The Halo series is already breaking an audience record on Paramount+

The series will soon be available on Canal+ with us.

After years of nightmarish development, changes in production companies, showrunners and broadcasters, the series adaptation of the Halo video game franchise has finally seen the light of day on the Paramount+ platform. The SF saga created by Bungie was originally supposed to launch a streaming service reserved for Xbox owners, but is now enjoying the heyday of the Paramount Global platform. Indeed, according to Deadline and figures put forward by Paramount+, the first episode of the series broke audience records, notably becoming the most viewed series premiere in just 24 hours in the history of the (young) platform.

Paramount + has not yet released official figures, but it is necessarily more than 5 million cumulative views collected by “Contact”, the first episode of the Halo series. Indeed, the previous platform record established last December was held by 1883 (with 4.9 million views), one of the spin-offs of Yellowstone, a series oh so popular on American soil. The first steps of the Master Chief in live action are therefore encouraging and finally awaited by Paramount +, which had already renewed the series for a season 2 before its broadcast.

In this adaptation, it is Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) who hides behind the helmet of the Spartan John-117. Halo takes place in the distant future where man has colonized space and built bases on the edge of the galaxy. But humanity finds itself threatened by a very powerful extraterrestrial coalition called the Covenant Alliance, whose sole objective is to control the entire universe. The Spartans, super-soldiers created by scientist Catherine Halsey (Natascha McElhone), represent the last defense of Men to hope to repel the conquering aliens. In France, the series will arrive later on Canal+, while the first episode will air for the opening ceremony of the Canneséries festival on April 1.