Since the announcement of the extension In the heart of the sunken citythe new cards are revealed little by little, as has been the custom for a few years now on Hearthstone.

Is the card strong?

From a pure stats point of view, the card is extremely strong. Its effect is absolutely not hard to proc, especially in Demon Hunter, so we are sure to trigger it every time. This card therefore amounts to summon three 2/6 creatures for only (6) Manawhich is very good.

The problem is that he is difficult to estimate the real power of the card since there is currently no synergy between this minion and other cards. The spells and creatures currently in Standard obviously don’t have no combos with Nagas since these didn’t exist before, and in the Neutral and DH cards revealed so far, there’s no reason to assume that these three Slipsharp Commanders can be abused.

In which archetype to play it?

For now, it’s hard to say. As is, the card is strong in an archetype Pure controlit even seems designed for a Control Warrior, so it’s amazing to see that it’s a Demon Hunter card. That being said, given the four other DH cards revealed so far, it seems that this is indeed the direction the class is heading in the new set: board grip. In this logic, the Commander Greyslash has its place perfectly.

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